Dos & Don’ts of Real Estate Follow-Up In 2020

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Mail-Right Show Podcast Episode 230: Dos & Don’ts of Real Estate Follow-Up In 2020 with Special Guest Jeffrey Brogger of Steezy Digital

Jeffrey Broga from Steezy Digital joins the Mail-Right show with hosts Jonathon and Robert. The topic for discussion is the Dos and Don’ts of Real Estate Follow-up in 2020. Jeffrey is the founder of and These companies aim to provide brokers and realtors a platform from which to increase their sales conversion percentage. They do this by providing a variety of services, including a Real Estate chatbot template to their brand, setup cutting edge sales funnels using proven one-click installation Facebook ads, and offers step-by-step video training support so Realtors can get set up their system in less than an hour.

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The Basic Habits of Online Real Estate Leads

Jeffery provides his insights on what are the basic habits of online real estate leads. He shares that, on average, leads you get from the internet is about 11 months in the making. Some of them do escrow within a month, but typically, a lead you generate from your website is usually a two to three-year journey. You’ll have a lot more success if you, as a realtor, realize this fact early on. Their platform focuses mainly on Facebook advertising and integrating leads from them into the agent’s CRM. This provides a seamless experience where you’re able to establish a conversation with your lead at the onset by incorporating a very sophisticated real estate chatbot.

The Shift to Mobile

One of the huge things in 2020 in communication for real estate clients is that it has been shifting more towards the mobile device. Everyone is always on their phone, leaving a voicemail, making calls, texting, and checking their social media. Their platform focuses on messaging apps such as SMS, Facebook messenger, and in the future, WhatsApp, and Instagram DM’s. Instead of focusing on email, which can get spammed by thousands of other messages, they’ve branched out into communication channels that are more direct and instant. The mobile-first centric strategy has worked well and is an excellent avenue for lead generation.

AI Automated Chatbot

They’ve created an automated chatbot that works exceptionally well with agencies that have IDX integrated websites. The AI establishes a fast initial contact with the customer to get initial questions out of the way and start a conversation with the lead immediately. These work best with messaging platforms by leveraging on Facebook Ads and Google Ads but can also be used on the traffic of your website. If installed as a chat widget on your site, the AI will typically establish communication to about 0.5% to 1% of your traffic. The platform leverages a lot on the fact that 72% of clients work with the first realtor that they meet. It works well with setting up your call with the lead by getting the necessary questions asked upfront and establishing your company as an ideal way to make their purchase.

Facebook Marketing Campaign

So how does their Facebook campaign work? They do a video view campaign for $100 – $200, which can get 20-40,000 local views. Next, they will then retarget and send a buyer ad for $100 – $200 only to people who watched more than 25% of the video. If you’re looking more for seller leads, they create a campaign centered around results. For example, they share a digital marketing program in the city with over 40,000 local views. A property that was able to sell in X amount of days. Once we have the social proof, the next step is leveraging the results and building a campaign using them as a presentation. Next, is the tried and true free home evaluation campaign, which can also be integrated into their chatbot feature.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Jeffery is a knowledgeable Facebook Marketing Expert who has had a lot of success in generating good quality leads using this method. I would recommend him for those looking to incorporate this marketing strategy as one of their sales funnels.