Episode 292: Making a Market-Ready Video for Realtors

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Mail-Right Show Episode 292: Michael Cuevas teaches us how to Get Local Leads and Increase Brand Awareness with Video

In the 292nd episode of the Mail-Right Show, John featured Michael Cuevas better known as the Real Estate Marketing Dude, a 17-year expert in the real estate industry. He is a video production expert for real estate brokers and the founder of the “Real Estate Marketing Dude” website. The purpose of The Real Estate Marketing Dude is to develop a personal brand around you and content development tactics that maintain your brand at the forefront of your client’s mind. The podcast episode is centered on tips, tactics, and hacks for making interesting and creative videos that are market-ready. Additionally, he demonstrates how personal branding can help you increase your sales.

The Power of Video

In today’s digital world, video is the most effective means of communication. A video lets you deliver your message for your potential customers clearly and allows you to add personality to your web pages, something that regular written content can’t do. Video also provides the added bonus of preparing your content for the future. Google is prioritizing video content and with the recent changes to their algorithm back in 2020, you’ll want to make sure you incorporate videos in your content marketing strategy.

Personal Branding

The practice of personal branding is the marketing of individuals and their careers as brands. It is the continuing process of establishing and sustaining an individual’s, group’s, or organization’s reputation and image. Your personal brand is your method of self-promotion. It is the one-of-a-kind blend of abilities, experience, and personality that you wish to convey to your followers. It is telling your narrative and impressing the minds of people through your internet reputation.

So, how do you go about developing your brand? To begin, you must bear in mind that people desire authenticity. As a result, you must establish your approach to being on camera. The second factor is consistency; you must be constant with your brand to leave an impression on your audience. Lastly, you must embrace your signature, your brand. Because it will provide you with an unfair advantage over the competition since no one else will be exactly like you.
Video Production

In producing a video, the most crucial skill to master is compelling storytelling. You must keep in mind that you have to maintain the attention of your audience and tell a story that piques their curiosity or touches their emotions. An important aspect of video production is preparing a script. A script helps ensure your message is clear and helps make the entire video production process flow efficiently.

When writing a script you need to consider the three parts of a video which include your introduction, a body, and an outro. You’ll want to make your video brief anywhere between two to eight minutes in length.

The Real Estate Marketing Dude

A common concern realtors have when it comes to making videos is hiring the necessary personnel to manage video editing, optimization, scripts, etc. Real Estate Marketing Dude provides an all-in-one resource that provides everything a realtor needs to produce his videos.

The Real Estate Marketing Dude is all about assisting real estate agents in producing videos for their business. They help create a strategy and brand that fits their client and provides you with everything you need to produce your videos.

Depending on your plan, certain videos are designed and specialized to rank and generate leads on YouTube. The team does this by optimizing the video SEO on YouTube including tags, thumbnails, and video description. InboundREM provides a similar service for clients that purchase a website from us. I can personally vouch on how valuable video is as there’s a significant difference in results whenever our client builds videos for their website. The good thing about The Real Estate Marketing Dude is they provide a low-cost option for your needs. Feel free to check them out to learn more about their service.