EPISODE 300: Digital Marketing Platforms and Tips to Boost your Social Media Presence

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EPISODE 300: Digital Marketing Platforms and Tips to Boost your Social Media Presence

In the 300th episode of the Mail-Right Show,  John and Robert interviewed Neal Schaffer, a recognized expert in assisting forward-thinking firms in digitally transforming their sales and marketing operations. Neal is the founder of the digital marketing agency PDCA Social and currently serves as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer for a number of companies. Additionally, he lectures at Rutgers University’s Business School and the Irish Management Institute.

Neal is a prominent keynote speaker who has lectured on four continents and in over a dozen countries. He speaks Japanese and Mandarin Chinese fluently. He is also the author of four sales and marketing books, including the recently released Maximize Your Social (Wiley) and the game-changing The Age of Influence (HarperCollins Leadership), which redefines digital influence.


Problems Agents face when building Influence

The issue that the majority of agents have is that they view email and social media as a means of bombarding their database with promotions while providing no value. So immediately, people unsubscribe and perhaps report it as spam, and agents wonder why email and social media aren’t working for them. And it’s all because they didn’t get off to a promising start. Consequently, it is imperative that you figure out what each of these things performs. What matters is staying on top of things, keeping in touch, and adding value.  

 Platforms to Boost Your Social Media Presence

1) Facebook – it currently has the distinction of being the most popular social media network on the planet. Facebook’s demographics are diverse, but the truth remains that practically everyone is on there. Overall, it caters to an older demographic rather than a younger one. 

2) LinkedIn – is a professional social networking site that we are all familiar with. Individuals and businesses from many walks of life use this platform, and demographics span the spectrum. LinkedIn’s readership is older and more professional, yet it is not exclusively for those in that category.

3) Instagram – Instagram, like Facebook, has a vast user base. It differs from Facebook in that it caters to a younger demographic. It’s also distinct because of Instagram’s image-centric focus; this platform attracts fewer formal postings and a more casual vibe amongst connections. You can take advantage of this familiarity and informal blogging style.

 Tip for Growing an Instagram Audience

Instagram is a competitive environment to expand your account and raise your following, with over 1 billion monthly users, an ultra-smart algorithm, and hundreds of intelligent and creative profiles.

  •  One approach to gain followers is to have a large number of Facebook friends who come to Instagram.
  •  Being more active.
  •  Engage with your community
  •  Commenting on other people
  •  Publish content
  •  Use hashtags