Episode 303: The Significance of Money, Time, and Intimacy in the Real Estate world

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Episode 303: The Significance of Money, Time, and Intimacy in the Real Estate world

In the 303rd edition of Mail Right Show, Jess Lenouvel, a real estate agent for over 13 years who has personally established multiple seven-figure businesses that have sold over $300 million in property in less than five years, was featured. Now, she specializes in assisting 6-figure and low-seven-figure Agents throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia in doubling their revenue and earnings while maintaining a lifestyle of flexibility and influence. She has been invited to the show to address the pivotal role of procedure and its duplication in assisting agents in achieving financial independence. She also talked about the importance of intimacy with customers and how to do it online.

Why are processes, procedures, and systems essential for real estate business owners?

The majority of people enter real estate for three reasons. They desire unrestricted economic flexibility, the ability to choose their schedules without being required to clock in and out, and the ability to assist others. The majority of agents are, to some extent, service-oriented. However, far too frequently, agents enter the industry and never accomplish the majority of those three goals. Thus, it all boils down to not only getting them to a place where they have stable, predictable, and increasing inbound companies. Therefore, they are not creating a business based on chasing but also on automating, leveraging, and constructing processes and standard operating procedures to create an actual company within their brokerage. Thus, they may ensure that their income targets are met consistently without having to be physically present.

How do you create a system to recover back your time?

The first step is to conduct an energy audit, which means that every action you do throughout the day must be documented. It would be best to determine how you spend your time to determine where your time is being squandered. Then, for each of those duties, you assign a value. You also discover what you truly enjoy doing, since doing something you’re not very good at and don’t will feel much more painful than doing something that lights you up and brings you joy, and you’re having a great time doing it.

Therefore, the next step is to restore some enjoyment to the business and eliminate your despise tasks. However, from a time leverage perspective, you should consider whether you should stop it. Are you going to automate it or outsource it? For instance, you should consider whether you can employ someone to do this for you rather than focusing exclusively on the task at hand. You can investigate whether a piece of software, a website, or a service provider can perform this function for you for $150 per month, rather than paying someone $5,000 per month, $3,000 per month, or whatever to perform the activity manually. It is not only about reclaiming time but also about doing so in the least expensive manner possible.

Intimacy: An Important Aspect for Customer Relationship

Many of the messages that people use and how they market in the real estate industry are dated. They are frequently quite pushy. It’s always about the agent and establishing a position of prominence. And the cliched part is about the agent earning the client’s trust. However, faith cannot be built until there is some degree of transparency between you and your audience and the people with whom you are attempting to engage.

Intimacy is about developing relationships and genuinely attracting your people while repelling those who are not. And a lot of that comes down to being vulnerable, truthful, and authentic about unique ideas, philosophy, and personal stories. Indeed, an agent can employ all manner of sophisticated techniques, but at the end of the day, connection, conversation, and connection will be their primary reasons for being chosen. People make emotional decisions initially. And then they rationalize their decision. You have the potential to be the best. You can be the market’s top agent. And if someone dislikes you, they are unlikely to collaborate with you.

Yes, credibility is necessary. You must possess authority, among other things. However, the missing ingredient for the majority of agents is the intimate piece. That is the connection. That is the subject of the conversation. That’s about developing stronger relationships with individuals, and it can be done online. How? It is accomplished through content. And, if you’re doing it in a broader stage, it all boils down to being authentic and transparent with your audience. Are you implying that nobody desires perfection anymore? Perfectionism is tedious. There are a million people online pretending to be flawless. Their lives are idyllic. Their enterprise is ideal. They are excellent in every way. And no connection occurs in this manner. A genuine relationship is forged through adversity. It stems from shared experiences and the individual building this audience or generating this content transparent about their problems.