Episode 316: 7 Steps to Boost Your Real Estate Listings in 2022

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Episode 316: 7 Steps to Boost Your Real Estate Listings in 2022

For the 316th episode of Mail Right Show, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman invited Jimmy Burgess for the second time around. Jimmy has extensive 27 years of experience as an agent, company owner, and team leader before shifting into the Chief Growth Officer at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida at Northwest Florida. Now, he’s back to the show to talk about the seven simple steps real estate agents can leverage to increase their listing volume in 2022.

The Key Function of Real Estate Listings

The world of real estate transactions is expanding at a steady pace over time. With the availability of accessible and relevant data on the internet, anybody may anticipate prompt assistance from those in the business of locating desired destinations. Because of this, market volatility, legal requirements, and competition have all increased, pushing real estate professionals to make property information more detailed and accessible online. The current situation has resulted in a wide range of new options for potential homebuyers. Because of this, real estate agents are defying conventions and using cutting-edge technology to engage with a broader audience interested in real estate transactions.

Successful real estate deals are increasingly dependent on the use of listings provided by real estate brokers. So, if you’re starting as a realtor, you’ll need a good number of properties on the market. It’s primarily because a full-fledged listing provides comprehensive information for both buyers and sellers. As a real estate agent, a listing is also a way to demonstrate your expertise while satisfying the curiosity of potential buyers and sellers. So, now, how can realtors improve the number of listings they have?

The 7 Simple and Effective Steps to Get More Listings

  1. First, a real estate agent must have a database full of homeowners. These are a pool of people where you can choose whom to build a relationship with every month to see if they’re ready to sell. To do that, you must create a funnel that will drive people into your database, where you will consistently add value to them until the right time comes for them to listen to what you can do as their listing agent. How do we do that? You’re going to add homeowners through circle prospecting and door knocking. You can include your friends, families, neighbors, past buyers, and whomever you know or don’t know who owns homes.
  2. Once you get them into the database, you can now do step two, which is adding value to them by putting together an automated system either through your MLS or your website wherein they will consistently receive daily updates on properties similar to their house that are coming on the market going under market, or sold. This automation is fundamental as it will allow them to know what is going on around them and for you to systemize the follow-up part of your process.
  3. The third thing we will do is build a relationship with these people by having consistent communication with the entire database through an email newsletter. You will send emails informing your audience of the latest news, tips, or updates about properties once a month. The content will be a mix of things affecting the real estate market, but you can include lifestyle stuff also. You can highlight the restaurants around the area, activities with the family, community areas most people are not aware of, or share your favorite spot in the neighborhood.
  4. The fourth thing you will be doing is utilizing a tool called Homebot. It is a personalized online platform that helps homeowners make educated home wealth decisions while positioning you, the real estate agent, on top of their minds month over month. Homebot automatically sends your clients an easy-to-read monthly digest that helps them track their home value, understand their equity position, calculate their trade-up potential, and much more. Once you’ve uploaded your contacts, Homebot runs on autopilot, pulling its information from various top data sources and creating a customized digest each month based on your clients’ specific situation. Homebot makes automated home values work for you, positioning you as the expert and empowering you and your client to challenge their home value at the right time. This strategy leads to a consistent flow of inbound CMA requests that goes straight to your mails, all for $50 a month.
  5. Step 5 is to send your clients an unsolicited video CMA every six months. This method enables you to provide your prospects with an updated range of their property’s value. The first step is to use the BombBomb, Loom, or Zoom tools to create a meeting for only yourself and screen record it to achieve the desired effect of seeing your face in the video screen’s corner. Then, while recording yourself, open these three tabs on your computer. The first tab is Google Earth, where you will enter your client’s address, and it automatically zooms in from space to the top of their house. Second, tap on the CMA tab to see a range of numbers, and then click on the third tab, which shows the estimated seller’s net that you wish to update. BombBomb tells you when your email or video is opened or viewed. The people that watched the video are the ones you need to contact again.
  6. People do business with people they know; that is why for step 6, you’re going to take these people in one phone conversation every three to six months. Despite all the emails and reports you’re sending to your clients, you can still build solid relationships with them through actual conversations. So, depending on how hot these deals are, you can have a phone call with your clients in months between your scheduled date of sending those unsolicited CMAs from step five. After these steps, your referral rate will surely increase because, by this time, you’re on top of their minds whenever they’re thinking of the possibility of selling their homes, and they’re possibly talking about you and your consistency with people they know.
  7. Finally, run an Adwerxs Soi Campaign. Adwerx is a simple and effective tool designed to increase your digital marketing strategy by promoting your listings to a targeted set of homebuyers online. Advertisers can choose from a variety of options to enable their listings. The platform is designed to show your adverts solely to buyers and dealers in your desired location. These digital adverts follow buyers and sellers to other websites, real estate or not. Adwerx ads can display on famous websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com, as well as local news sites. Adwerx offers two options to set up ad automation. First, you can enter a list of email addresses from your sphere of influence. As a result, your online adverts will only appear to persons who have already demonstrated interest in you. The other is to create Adwerx automatic listing advertising. This technique is crucial to gain high exposure for a single listing, which you may use to impress your customer.