Episode 349: What is KvCore and Review of its Strengths and Weaknesses 2022

Episode Timeline

Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman reviewed one of the popular lead generation providers in real estate on the 349th episode of Mail Right Show. Over the past decade, Robert Newman has been working in the real estate SEO business as the CEO of Inbound REM, an inbound marketing firm. Meanwhile, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail Right, an organization that streamlines and simplifies various digital technologies. This episode provides an overview of KvCore, and insights into the pros and cons an agent and brokerage can have when leveraging it.

What is KvCore

KvCore is a real estate lead generation provider combining a website, CRM (customer relationship management), and marketing management. It is popular in the real estate industry, and by user count, it might be the widely used CRM that exists.

Due to competition with other high-end systems, they have been doing aggressive marketing, such as providing discounts and having deals with several brokerages. These brokerages provide KvCore to their agents. Usually, it’s part of a monthly fee that the agent has to pay, and the amount of that fee is that they have access to KvCore’s features.

The Strengths of Using KvCore

The strength of KvCore is its robustness, well-tested platform, bug-free, and offers many features to choose from, allowing agents to do many things. In performance aspects, its CRM is enterprise-level-like, which means it is somewhat hard to use. KvCore features include a user-behavior tracker, which provides an overview of the lead’s activities. KvCore text your clients or email them on your behalf. It does drip campaigns and has modules that come with extra pay but are worth the price. If you are building a serious real estate career, you’ve got to have a robust CRM database system, which is one of KvCore’s strengths.

It is also a good tool for the brokerage since KvCore will engage you with leads with subpar communication. For instance, KvCore will force you through activity to call the lead, and if you’re the agent, it behooves you to contact this lead with the user behavior signals. Because if somebody is sending out a crappy email to one of your leads, you want to follow it up with a high-quality sales call. If you do that in synchronicity, your level of organization could very well be respected and appreciated by the customer.

KvCore has also become the top small, medium, and large big team tool. If you are the chief operating officer, or the manager of a small team, using KvCore is compelling because of its monthly digital package that features innovation in all areas brokerage will love and the huge discount KvCore gives.

Weaknesses of Using KvCore

KvCore can be overwhelming due to its features and being an enterprise-level kind of CRM apart from the performance aspect; you will need a big dive to get a grip on its functionalities.

KvCore website provides a robust WordPress plugin; however, you won’t get the whole customization experience as something like an IDX broker. Its website could be more challenging to customize, which is a problem since being in a crowded, competitive industry, and effective branding is vital to stand out from the crowd. You will also experience lag time as one of the most used cloud platforms. It will be challenging if you’re in the system making high-volume back-to-back calls and want it to work fast.