Episode 355: Five of the Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies in 2022

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For the 355th episode of the Mail Right Show, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman discuss five of the best real estate lead generation companies in 2022 and dive into the marketing solutions these platforms provide for you as a real estate agent. Robert Newman is a real estate SEO specialist with over 14 years of experience and the founder of Inbound REM, an inbound marketing agency. On the other hand, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail Right, a company that builds beautiful websites on WordPress and provides a suite of digital tools in a single, simple-to-use package. This episode highlights the strengths, weaknesses, and pricing of the best real estate lead generation platforms.

1. BoldLeads

The system doesn’t provide a website, but it provides landing pages. BoldLeads is highly focused on utilizing Facebook to drive potential leads to a landing page. It has a funnel CRM that is straightforward to use. The funnel system of BoldLeads was designed like a filter to attract low-quality leads. It has a basic CRM and a drip to email and messaging to get that lead to either responding to a text message or email and then engaging in conversation with the agent. One more strength to add for BoldLeads is its pricing. It costs $499 monthly and an additional $250 to $500+ for Facebook.

BoldLead today no longer offers exclusive areas, meaning you can’t buy exclusive ZIP Code areas, since BoldLead’s system does not provide enough customer minimization in how they were doing the advertising, like the landing pages to ads. You can’t keep using the same ads with the same pictures and landing pages in the same marketplace multiple times and expect your results to remain the same.

2. Real Geeks

Real Geeks is not the most attractive CRM in UX design and back end, but it is simple and easy to understand. Real Geeks have partners that help them scale up, they had somebody build the CRM, and they had somebody build the websites. Real geeks do better on the individual-agent side and an incredibly good solution for a realtor who understands PPC or is willing to learn it.

Real Geeks’ limitation is that it was never meant to be an expensive system, so you can’t build a huge custom website. For some reason, if you think you’re going to get what you expect, you will be wildly disappointed. It won’t rank you for SEO; it can be an okay content system where you put a couple of pictures and images and build a decent page, but not very dynamic or intuitive, and their sites are not mobile-friendly.

Real Geeks’ tools are priced at $250, and you will get signed a 12-month contract.

3. Ylopo

Ylopo is a decent branded-looking website, although not entirely functional and not getting you leads. However, their advertising system will get you leads. Ylopo has layers of technology; it has a home bot, ISA Raiya, automated texting, and they also use video that uses AI or automated video, which they call listing rockets as part of their advertising system.

The downside of Ylopo is its website, which is not as impressive as other systems. It is also the most expensive marketing system out of the box that you can buy. It costs $1500 to $1600 a month without even getting into advertising expenses.

4. Sierra Interactive

The system is quite similar to Real Geeks, but their websites are much better; they often have some customization and initial templates. They offer a series of not just one solution. One of Sierra Interactive’s strengths that people like is its backend, such as reporting, which does an excellent job and is much more polished than other systems. It also offers an affordable setup pricing for $399 to $500+ per month.

The weakness of Sierra Interactive is it is becoming a little outdated. They do build one of the better real estate websites, but they are not innovating how they should be for what’s going to be a mobile-first world in the world of SEO.

5. KVCore

KvCore is a cheap, efficient system to sign up many people and put it on and for that if that’s what you’re doing. KvCore started as a product that was really in the BoomTown sector. They have online digital agencies, and they sell to their agents as well because it was designed for more than like a BoomTown competitor. KvCore costs $1000 for the setup price and $250 for a special offer and has a 12-month contract.

KvCore’s marketplaces and integrations are decent. The system is a better option if you are in a team; if you are not on a team, choose another platform, depending on what you will focus on. For instance, if you focus on content, choose inbound REM. If you focus on doing PPC, go for Real Geeks. When creating websites and integrating them with their WordPress, it’s okay. But, when there’s the site where the IDX feeds in, KvCore becomes slow.

Some of the things that KvCore has innovated over the last few years is behavioral automation, where it is automating the communication process between you and your clients. However, they falsely advertised the only behavioral automation system in the marketplace. They have some interesting things on the platform, most of which are just sales tools but have no meaning to you whatsoever. So, as a realtor, you must understand when they introduce something to you, such as listing marketing and management hyperlocal recognition, etc.