Episode 357: Real Estate Agents Profitable Segments in a Down Market

Episode Timeline

In the 357th episode of Mail Right Show, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman talked about the various parts of real estate that accelerate when the buy-sell market slows down. Robert Newman is the CEO of Inbound REM, an inbound marketing firm, and has worked in the real estate field for over a decade. At the same time, Jonathan Denwood is one of the brains behind Mail Right, an online platform that bundles together a number of useful online resources for users’ convenience.

What is a Down Market

In a down market, sales are slow, and prices are down. A “buyer’s market” is another common term for a down market. When the market is down, this may indicate low-interest rates. If you currently own a property and are worried about making a loss on the sale, you might be hesitant to put it up for sale.

Where can you go when the market goes uncertain?

Midmarket Segment

Investing your money in real estate is one of the topmost strategies wealthy people use to grow their money. When prices in the market go down, things start to become interesting for the people with money in the mid-market. There is a noticeable movement in the middle market every time the market goes slow. There will always be a buyer that will come in and scoop up properties in cash even if they do not necessarily have a reason to purchase a new property.

Investment Market Segment

Investment Market is one of the leading market segments that you may want to take part in, no matter what level of real estate you are in. Especially the Airbnb revolution.

The Airbnb market is going to ignore the market conditions. It does not matter what the interest rates are. A buyer looking for an Airbnb property will likely pay any price for the home. This is an opportunity for you to advertise property management and make money.

Property Management Leasing Segment

Investors are still growing their money regardless of the market’s condition. One of the ways they do to earn more money is by leasing a property. If you are looking for ways to increase your revenue and stay afloat in the real estate business, leasing homes is one of the ways you can do to earn. Set up a process in which you essentially pay for another Standalone service. You may become the person getting the call from the client. You can also advertise that you are an Airbnb concierge investment adviser.

How does it work? If you sell a $30,000 to $45,000 lease, you may take 10 to 20 grand in commission. Moreover, you make may an additional $5,000 a month off the lease. Especially if there is a signed agreement where the person who is leasing the property has a problem, the real estate agent (which is you) is to call. For this kind of agreement, you may make about $2,000 to $5,000 monthly. Property management leasing may make you a stabilized income.