Episode 392: Tips and Advice for Real Estate Agents to Generate Leads Through Videos

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For the 392nd episode of the Mail Right Show, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman delved into creating videos that generate leads. Robert Newman is the CEO of Inbound REM, an inbound marketing firm specializing in real estate SEO for over a decade. On the other hand, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail-Right, an organization that streamlines and simplifies a wide range of digital technologies into one convenient, user-friendly package. This episode provides valuable advice and tips for real estate agents to effectively generate more leads and increase sales through videos and social media.

Many realtors utilize videos nowadays. Nowadays, how we watch or find media has changed so much that almost everyone knows how to find and watch these videos, similar to how people search online. The pandemic has also played a significant part in this. There’s a massive surge of interest in videos, which has become more and more people using them. Real estate agents have also understood that they need to use videos, and you can see people in every market starting to use them.

When you start creating videos for the first time, your first 2-3 videos can be rough unless you’re already active online, good at talking in front of others, or naturally comfortable on camera. It could initially feel awkward but don’t worry too much about it. Remember, videos are a helpful tool that can reach many people on different platforms and have a significant impact. If you have a video on your website that does well, it can push the webpage with the video to the top of search engine results! But what videos should you make to generate leads and increase your sales?

1. Just-Listed Videos

Just-listed videos are like the overview of properties you want to sell and are one of the video ideas that indeed gather the audience.

If you produce list-based videos, consider allocating a $10-$20 budget for promoting the video on YouTube. But you can still operate with a fair budget by promoting such videos to your niche audience. You can still significantly impact video content with a small budget. This works especially well when targeting a specific audience, like a neighborhood rather than an entire city. Each view you receive holds great relevance. When individuals search on platforms like YouTube for particular localized areas, such as neighborhoods, these searches are relatively limited but highly intent-driven. Consequently, your video has a good chance of aligning precisely with what they seek.

2. Local Market Update Videos

Year-to-year comparisons are widely popular among audiences due to their attention-grabbing nature. It provides a sense of profound market insight of the real estate agent. It is a good idea to revisit the past one to three years, especially given the emergence of a pandemic. The comparison between the pandemic and non-pandemic times will be particularly interesting.

When creating a market report as an agent, your focus can include current home sales, sales trends over the previous years, and their progression. After presenting these progresses, articulate your observations and sentiments regarding the market’s trajectory. This should include mortgage rates and insights gathered from client conversations. Are any clients planning to list their homes? Are concerns arising about selling and purchasing another property? Alternatively, are individuals aiming to buy with cash to mitigate worries about elevated interest rates? When clients discuss heightened interest rates, delve into their strategies for addressing these rates. You can discuss these things in your video, which will be highly relevant.

Furthermore, sell against every resistance. Deal with the high-interest rates, so talk about it in your market report as well. Brian McKiller is an ideal model in this area, skillfully coming up with reasons why people should buy mortgages today.

3. Community-Based Videos

Road warrior videos are videos of real estate agents driving around to properties and neighborhoods to showcase them to potential buyers. Neighborhood tours generate a surprisingly large number of leads. When you’re talking about neighborhood tours, the things that seem to create responses are:

Road warrior videos are videos of real estate agents driving around to properties and neighborhoods to showcase them to potential buyers. Neighborhood tours generate a surprisingly large number of leads. When you’re talking about neighborhood tours, the things that seem to create responses are:

I. Videos that talk about prominent amenities present in the neighborhood. For instance, in Van Nuys, a microbrewery has taken over a mechanic shop right down the street. This establishment is well known in the area, boasting a distinctive blend of a shop and eatery. It garners regular patronage from the people living there. The mechanics in Van Nes consistently go to this place from their work, engaging in games of darts and partaking in the onsite crafted beer. But noteworthy landmarks in Van Nuys are the Van Nuys Airport and the Van Nuys Courthouse. These are symbolic features that contribute to the remarkable nature of Van Nuys. Therefore, when driving around, discuss these things, along with property valuations, the average home price, and how many homes have been sold in the neighborhood.

II. Changes you’ve seen in the neighborhood. For instance, if you live there or sell a home over 5 to 10 years, are families living there? Are they moving in and out? Is the general demographic of people getting older? Is it getting younger? Does it stay the same since you started marketing to the area? Do people send their kids to the schools in the area? Is it single-family residences? All the details you can discuss about the area.

III. Demographic of people that live in the neighborhood. Are they older white professionals like you? Are they not? Are they blue-collar? Are they entrepreneurial? Are they families with kids? Do they send those kids to schools? Have you ever stopped to talk to any of those people? And if so, what has their report been on the area that you live in? Are they happy there? Do they wish some things would change? These are all things you would discuss while driving around a neighborhood.

IV. Talk about the things that would be interesting to middle-class people. For instance, where do the kids go to school? How are the parks in the area? What are the amenities that you see have changed? These are all things that middle-class Americans would appreciate and find interesting.

4. Relocation Videos

Relocation videos are one of the top feed generators inside the real estate space, generating many leads. In the relocation video, you talk about the top 10 reasons people move to a city or the top 10 things you need to know before you move to a particular city.

Furthermore, if you are a real estate agent in a particular place, you can share an article about that place. Any real estate agent can get a global real estate report and make a broad article about that place. But, the reports from real estate agents in a different place, let’s say Reno, have little relevance than those from someone who lives and is a real estate agent in Reno. A person who lives there and talks about Reno knows precisely what’s going on – like how many expensive houses they’ve sold and how many house deals happened around the same time last year. If you’re right there in the Reno housing market, those articles about the market get a massive response when you send them to people using an email list – people are interested in reading them!

5. Put Your Contact Number on the Video Description

Customers will often contact you by phone if you tell a compelling and helpful story. So, when you’re making a video, make sure to include your phone number in the video’s description. When making a video about your services or one that helps you get potential customers, you might not always need to show your phone number on your website. Instead, you can simply add your phone number to the video’s description. This way, people who watch the video can see your number and get in touch with you easily.