Episode 414: Best AI Video Editing Tools For Real Estate Agents in 2024

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For the 414th episode of Mail-Right Show, Jonathan Denwood, and Adam Brown discussed a range of AI video editing tools that can help real estate agents step up their game in producing professional-level quality videos for social media platforms efficiently and attract buyers. Jonathan Denwood is a video expert and the co-founder of Mail-Right, a platform that builds WordPress websites and combines digital marketing tools in a streamlined, user-friendly package. Meanwhile, Adam Brown is the co-founder of Mail Right, has his own marketing companies, and creates a lot of videos and photos.


Descript is like a text editor for video editing. You upload the video to Descript, and it uses AI to give you a script for the video. But it’s much more than that. You can put a text, move it around, or delete it, which will also delete the video frames. The user in the background renders it gaming and spews out the video. The user feels it and sees it done by editing a Word document on the Lumia. 

They have a free plan, which starts at $12, and then the Pro Plan, which costs $24. With the Descript free plan, you can’t upload very long, detailed videos, but if you’re looking at short videos and you just don’t want to learn how to edit traditionally, it could be a fabulous tool. 

Descript can save you a lot of time because everything a professional editor would do is very time-consuming.

Runway Gen2

If you have ever used one of the chatGPT tools, it has a feature like a prompt. Runway Gen2 has a similar feature. For instance, you can prompt that you want to have a cat in space, and Runway Gen2 will make a video of a cat or period orbiting the Earth in action.

It will give you a different option; you can use thinner seller Matic, which doesn’t work well compared to the demos. If you try the illustration option, it makes a video in the illustration style. 

Runway Gen2 is not that expensive. You can have it for $12, a pro version for $28 monthly, and they’ve got an unlimited plan for $76 a month.

Opus Clip 

This tool takes a longer video and chops it up into shorter jumps or smaller videos, and it does a good job. You’ll probably get 10 little short videos come out of it. But you’ll only be able to use about five or six of them. Which still is an enormous time saver. The five to six that you can have, the 10 it creates out of your video, are usable and will look like a video you upload on YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, or whatever platform that needs vertical short video.


This tool makes whole videos for you. It searches online resources to get high-quality videos. For example, if you live in Denver, are a real estate agent, and want to make a video about attractions in Denver City. You can give InVideo a text description; it will find and edit the videos for you. You can say you wanted this land, and it would see all the content, merge it, and add background music. It also has a speech on top of it, like a voiceover.

InVideo can be expensive, but it does an excellent job. With the pro option, it doesn’t tell you where it gets the videos.

Many real estate agents utilize these types of videos, and some agents don’t want to put themselves in front of the camera. But if you’re going to produce a video about your town, city, or region, you want to do a set of videos that give the information you want to put on YouTube. This would be the best tool to use.


Capcut is a Swiss army knife because it does everything an AI video tool will do. 

This amazing video editing tool has a professional tool called After Effects, which is part of the Adobe Professional Video Suite. For example, if you want to do masking, slow motion, or a number of really cool effects, you could normally only do them by utilizing a tool like After Effects. Capcut makes it super easy to use on social media and YouTube short videos, much easier than using Adobe software.

It’s pretty expensive, but it works on iPhones or iPads and has many effects. Sometimes, people use Capcuts to edit using their iPhones and use it for short videos.  You can also use voice-over voice recognition technology and add other sounds you need.

It comes with a free plan; the starter plan is $10 monthly and then $29 for the professional.

Adobe Express and Adobe Rush 

If you’re into Adobe stuff, Adobe Express and Rush have excellent practical tools for creating amazing videos. They’re kind of a social media type, and the videos are limited to 15 seconds. It’s kind of like mini video editing that you could just do right from your phone. You can also add music and things if you have them available.

Be aware of licensed music you will use on your video to avoid having your video taken down and your YouTube channel suspended. To find music and sound effects, you can go to Sound Stripe. Another platform to go for all-inclusive video sound effects, photos, graphics, and even music is Envato Elements. Envato Elements has monthly or annual plans, but that way, you’re downloading licensed music and sound effects and things like that. Enviato also has video templates you can use.

Canva Pro

If you’re looking to do any kind of real video work, Canva just saves a ton of time doing the thumbnails and images. It has a great photo editor you need to put text in, a background removing tool, and a highly functioning video tool with a lot of integrated AI stuff.