Episode 417: Predicting Major Digital Marketing Trends of 2024

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On episode 417 of Mail Right Show, Robert Newman and Jonathan Denwood unpack a significant prediction for 2024 that will help real estate agents adapt and thrive in the upcoming industry shift. Jonathan Denwood is the CEO and joint founder of Mail-Right, a platform that builds beautiful websites with CRM, IDX, and other digital marketing tools in one excellent and user-friendly package. On the other hand, Robert Newman is the CEO of Inbound REM, an inbound marketing firm, and has been in the real estate SEO business for over a decade.

Behavioural Learning

It’s not much different from regular search engine technology today, except for how the information is shown. Behavioral learning will keep evolving. The main change is that the code is like an open-source Google. You can tell it what to do. This is where behavioral learning is excellent. You can ask it to write something, and it will, unlike Google, which just finds stuff for you. It will write something similar to what you’re looking for.

AI copying will be a major problem, peaking in 2024 and continuing in 2025 and 2026.

Of course, someone will also create a helpful AI for real estate, like someone who answers your calls and manages your schedule. Perhaps this tool will become standard in the industry by 2026.

Regarding Google, they’re going to have to deal with lots of content made by AI. Calling it “artificial intelligence” is not quite right because it just copies things; it doesn’t think. Google will recognize websites with good authority and expertise on specific topics.

So, to stand out, focus on a specific topic for your content. Show Google that you’re an expert by making videos, podcasts, or longer articles. This way, your content will appear more valuable than AI-generated content.

We Will See a Prolific Amount of Video Coming From AI

Invideo is a helpful tool for real estate. Many agents don’t like being on camera, so this tool helps by making videos where they don’t have to be on screen. However, it’s best to be on camera if they’re comfortable.

There will be a new kind of real estate marketing service in the future. Many people are already making moves in real estate videos. The guess is that someone will use AI to create a service that real estate agents can use, like their own marketing company. If someone were starting from scratch and had the money, they would do it because it’s a much-needed service for agents. Video is a crucial part of marketing, but it needs to be easier.

There will be a tool where agents can put text in, and their voices will be copied. It’ll take a picture or video of your face and then mimic you on video. It will look natural, like the agent, and have pre-written sentences. You’ll just have to provide the text, which’ll be you in the video.

There Will Be Major Real Estate Marketing Shifts Before the End of 2024

Right now, many real estate marketing companies are struggling. It seems like nearly all the big ones are letting people go, which is causing a lot of worry and stress. Many real estate agents spent money they saved during better times to keep their marketing going. But when things got tough, many stopped investing. Most of them weren’t planning for the long term with their marketing.

Before 2024 ends, there could be some significant changes in real estate marketing. Some big companies might go out of business, or there might be more mergers where one company buys another. Usually, when things get tough like this, more prominent companies with more money tend to make moves. It would be surprising if Ylopo, for example, doesn’t get an offer from a big company soon.

Entrepreneurs are thinking hard about their businesses. They know it’s a tough time, but they might consider it if someone with a lot of money offered to buy their company. They understand the struggle of running a business during hard times.

A lot of Changes in Search Engine Optimization

Many things are changing in SEO, but not the primary way Google works. Google now pays much attention to how people behave online, like what they click on or how long they stay on a page. This is a big part of how Google decides what shows up when you search, whether for local stuff, videos, images, or regular search results.

Google has been using AI for about ten years to watch how people behave online. As computers get better, they can do this fast. So, how Google ranks things in search results changes a lot based on what people are doing now. For example, if many people like a webpage and spend a long time on it, Google will notice and show it to more people quickly. It’s like Google is improving at figuring out what’s good and what people want to see. They’re doing the same thing on YouTube and in local searches.

In the age of AI, it’s really important to know who’s behind the content you see online. Thus, someone might also bring back authorship, where the person who produces something is linked to it. It used to be a big deal, but some people got upset because it made it harder for them to rank high in search results. But Google never wholly got rid of it.

People Will Learn How to Use ChatGPT and Produce Something Similar

Not many people have realized this yet, but soon more will catch on. People will learn how to use ChatGPT and then start creating content themselves. Some people are lazy or not very good at what they do, and that’s not what the internet is meant for. Some people came up with these ideas, and others can’t just copy them. Well, you could, but the original idea came from them. So, you’ve got to see that as the value of the internet. That’s why making videos and having discussions matter. As a real estate agent, you need to be good with technology. There aren’t many people who focus solely on digital marketing and know their stuff.