Facebook Real Estate Marketing

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In this episode of the Right Mail Show, Jonathan and I discuss with special guest Jaime Resendiz. Jaime, I would say, is an authority for putting out hugely successful real estate marketing campaigns on Facebook and other social media platforms. This discussion will primarily focus on the leverage that Facebook has over other social media platforms. Jaime shared with us his thoughts about traditional online real estate marketing and what would be, in his expert opinion, the best way to go about your marketing campaign. He shares his insights on how to get wicked results by implementing various lead generation funnels that can eventually lead to sales for your target audience.

The Power of Facebook Marketing

In the interview, Jaime shared his thoughts about how easier it is to source leads from Facebook as there are practically millions and millions of people on the Facebook app every day. As much as it is difficult to get information from an outside source on the internet, or even get the user to fill up the requested details, the lead generation form in Facebook auto-populates the information based on the stored information voluntarily provided by the users themselves, including their email address and phone number.

Using Their Data with a CRM

This makes it easier for real estate marketers to create and send out a follow-up ad based on the now-filtered data, identifying those who have somehow shown interest in buying and selling their properties. The information is then stored on a database and linked to another marketing tool. Initial Facebook paid advertising has a broad audience. A back-end tool helps you set up a filtering system to capture the specific information needed for a more targeted marketing approach. Jaime blends this automation process with manual calling from independent service providers contracted specifically for these types of real estate marketing process. KvCore provides the necessary ISA services for his company, performing the needed text messaging, calling, and email support.

Facebook Marketing Costs

Apart from reaching a large captured audience from which he uses to get our targeted results in the quickest manner possible, Facebook is the least costly compared to, let’s say, a radio or a TV ad. Per prospect user, Jaime spent $1.80 per prospect user. Since you practically have all the information you need in one social media platform, you are now able to create a targeted audience and define the exact person or persons you want to do business with directly. This is also proven to be an efficient way to source information as it is readily available from the app itself from the auto-filled information as forms are designed to keep the responder on Facebook.

Facebook definitely has a place in today’s real estate marketing world. Although I would say organic marketing still produces higher quality leads than Social Media, Facebook as a platform still is an excellent way to generate leads that you can then put into the hands of an effective ISA team that will do the necessary follow-ups for you.