One of the most successful Real Estate Agent, Isabel Affinito

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Today’s guess, Isabel Affinito, one of the most successful real estate agent.

Isabel will share her successes and failure in marketing. And she’ll tell us about what didn’t work in her marketing strategy in real estate business and if having a website is enough.

First of all, an introduction to Isabel. She has been building websites for over 6 years and been selling residential real estate way back when she is in New Jersey. She made and invest to a website and multiple social media campaign and ads but seems won’t work.

In this discussion, she’ll tell us what are the campaign and strategy she uses, differentiate firm vs being Independent real estate agent.  How much lead cost she spent, what is geo-marketing, and what she ends up focusing.

Also, Robert and Jonathan will give some marketing advice and tell us what is the best facebook campaign or strategy to use.

So, watch this video: