Power of Story and Leveraging Social Media

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The Power of Story and Leveraging Social Media Connected To Getting Quality Seller or Buyer Leads in 2019!

This episode presents a discussion of the power of story in engaging more people into your business and how to leverage social media to get more seller and buyer leads in 2019.

Initial Step

Building a brand for real estate agents or power team and using social media as aid with the storytelling should start with our mindset. Most people in the real estate industry are stuck in their usual business routines. We should realize that people care. We are surrounded by people who are curious by nature. One can shift his mindset by posting not only what he likes but also what other people want.

Moreover, getting engagements through our post should be tracked and quantified in this data-driven evolution. For example, the number of likes and shares that a social media post receives from its audience. We should be able to figure out what makes a post trending and what interests most people.

Building Story on Social Media

Most agents share and highlight real moments in building a story on social media. We should understand first the concept of a story. A story requires engagement with its audience. Sometimes, what we think of as unimportant posts, are the ones who get more attention. An example of which is the obsession of people to animals in social media. We should allow people to engage with us as we do our business in real estate.

Boundaries on Branding

Technically, social media posts have no boundaries; however, there are topics that people try to avoid, such as politics and religion. Dealing with these kinds of issues can be done by preventing its discussion or approaching them from a new perspective. There is always a way to post that is educational and conversational. There are various types of people, and our approach to each one of them should also differ. Storytelling in social media is about aligning our lives and business with theirs without crossing the line.

Explaining the Impacts of your Services

In moving into an initial conversation, an introduction, explaining the service itself and its impact is essential. It could be initiated by asking questions. These should be questions that may lead you and your audience into an engagement in your business. Another thing to take note is never to ask a question that we don’t have any idea about it. We should dig in a little bit more for our audience to relate to us and understand the impact of our services into their lives.

Resonating with your audience

We should learn how to have a dialogue with another professional who is trying to understand the things we are passionate about in our business. We should learn how to connect with others. If we disseminate the information in this manner through social media platforms, people could resonate with you and reach out to you. In the real estate industry, we should always highlight our unique selling proposition.