Real Estate Agents are Made

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Are Great Real Estate Agents Created Not Born?

Before becoming a real estate agent, one might ask oneself: am I born to be one? For this Mail-Right episode, hosts Robert and Jonathan has invited a consistent top 1% of REALTORS® nationwide, Krista Mashore. Krista shares her thoughts and professional advice on becoming a great real estate. From small habits, manageable systems, and even digital optimization, there are a lot of ways inspiring real estate agents can learn to become great!

Building Great Real Estate Teams

So how should firms create great real estate agents? Krista firmly believes that the first step into becoming a great agent has the mindset that you can become one. Once an agent assumes that anything is possible, it is the firm’s responsibility to give them the tools and strategies on the real estate blueprint as a catalyst in helping them to make it in the industry. Krista also emphasizes on enforcing habits that help you plan out your day. She explains that one should start by planning six tasks the night before; this helps the mindset itself up for success.

Great Habits for Professional Entrepreneurs

As a professional entrepreneur, it is optimum to have at least six and a half hours every single day of strategies that is dedicated to you working towards improving your business. By doing this, you finish the hardest thing first, which gives you more energy and gives you a feeling of success. Krista testifies that planning your day and celebrating your wins is the best way to start and end your workday. Success breeds success, and once you focus on what works for you and your company, the more you win in the business.

Dominating your Local Market

Once you’ve established successful daily habits, the second step is to become a community dominator or a community marketer. Being a community dominator is being an expert in your town. The goal is to be the consumers’ top of mind when they think about real estate in a particular community. To become this, you have to start producing content that is valuable to your viewers, getting them to trust you, and cement yourself an authority figure in real estate. Some content you may specialize in specific topics like neighborhoods and local businesses and publishing these across all platforms, creating funnels and landing pages that bring in traffic to your business page or website. This way, you attract the right clients and detracting the wrong ones.

Inbound Marketing with Great Videos

Additionally, agents should also practice inbound marketing through video repurposing. Agents may opt to upload their video contents together with a blog post to a WordPress website that you own as it increases your site’s engagement rate. This is most especially important since Google ranks websites based on the visitors’ engagement rate. Another way of repurposing your content is by distributing it in different channels, targeting different markets, and ensuring your visibility across all platforms. There is no one sure way to success, even in real estate. It is essential to experiment and utilize both digital and traditional marketing techniques. With ingenuity and the right mindset, you might just become the next great real estate agent.