Does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) really help in Real Estate World?

Episode Timeline

What are the ideal steps or strategy to use if you have limitless about of money for marketing?

This will be a discussion between Jonathan of Mail Right and Robert of InboundRem.

They mainly talked about how to apply Search Engine Optimization or SEO in real estate and how you and your website be visible in a local market and make your website a lead generating platform on a limited budget.

Modern world now uses social media, with this it will boost up your sales and leads. In social media, they allow you to speak and voice out your opinion and suggestion through anything under the sun. And with this social media, it can drive traffic to your website.

How to make a website look good and visible to your target audience or client? And what should you prefer, have an organic or use paid ads? Website or Blog post?

The answer will be on the video below if you want to know the answer and to know more tips and advises about step by step strategy about SEO and Social Media Marketing. Then, click the link and watch the video.