Top Tools To Getting Better Leads in 2020

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The Mail-Right Show Episode 247

Email Services


MailerLite is a French-based company that allows a Free user 12,000 emails per month for up to 1,000 subscribers. If you go over that limit, their first paid tier is only for $15 and allows up to 2,500 subscribers and up to $50 for a subscriber base of 10,000. This is one of the most affordable email services available and is an excellent option for those starting their mailing list.


MailChimp is probably the standard email services platform that a lot of people will be using for their mailing list. They are reliable and provide an excellent service for the cost you pay. If the budget isn’t much of an issue, you’ll probably want to consider this as your mailing tool.


Robly is an email delivery service that does it better than anybody else, in my opinion. They offer a highly intuitive mailing system that provides fantastic features on their back end. I talk about it extensively on the podcast, and I highly recommend you listen to my reviews if you’re interested in this tool.


GetEmail is another excellent email service tool that provides fantastic tracking features. Jonathan delivers a superb testimony on how this tool has worked well at generating leads for his platform.

Lead Consolidation & Response Software


FiveStreet is a tool geared towards users who have a medium-sized business looking to get an effective lead routing service. This tool is similar to what KvCore and Sync offer while taking it a step further. For example, when a new lead goes into the virtual pond, the tool sends a text to all of your agents using a Round Robin system.

Lead Qualify Service


AgentAssistant provides a lead follow up system which allows you to establish a relationship with a new lead as fast as possible. The platform has highly trained ISA’s that are available round the clock to respond to your clients as soon as possible.



Thrive Themes is a WordPress plugin that provides a suite of functionalities for your website. One of the features that Jonathan likes best on the platform is Content Magnet, which is a perfect lead generation tool for people who does a lot of Content Marketing.

Convert Pro:

Astra Themes:

Astra Themes is a stand-alone plugin that provides a unique ecosystem for those developing a new website. Jonathon currently uses it for his WP tonic website and attests that it allows for fantastic service for their niche.


Elementor is a fantastic WordPress plugin that makes building a good-looking and mobile-friendly website easy. All of the new sites my team has developed have this plugin, and I can promise you that it is well worth the investment if you’re planning to build a new real estate website.