Two Things you need to thrive as an Agent in this Economic Climate

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Mail Right show Episode 248

The Mail-Right Podcast with co-hosts Jonathan and Robert discusses the Two Things you need to thrive as an Agent in this Economic Climate. It’s going to be an internal discussion in today’s episode with both hosts sharing their thoughts on how real estate professionals can position themselves for success during these troubling times.

Future Proof Your Real Estate Business

During these uncertain times, where you don’t know what to expect from one week to another, realtors need to make sure they take the necessary steps to future proof their business. Although we don’t declare that we can predict success 100% of the time, we do have excellent advice that we know works well in the current climate for some teams as well as future-proof methods that are geared towards success. Today, John and I will be talking about the various methodologies you can implement to help prepare your business should the lockdown get extended. One thing is for sure; real estate is going to be there. People will buy and sell homes even though the current Corona Virus Pandemic. The only question is whether or not your business is ready to adapt to the new changes in doing business.

Facebook vs. Zillow

Zillow has become a staple lead generation for any platform for most realtors today. The problem is that they’ve become so crowded and competitive that investing in the platform has become too expensive. Curator, a lead generation company that Jonathan is not that fond of is currently transitioning some of their lead generation efforts into Facebook, which has shown tremendous success for their partners. If you’re an avid Zillow user and haven’t transitioned to Facebook or other lead generation platforms, you need to start building these funnels for your business today.

Getting on the Phone

One thing that I think will never go away for realtors is getting on the phone and dialing the leads you get from your funnels. Whether you’re getting it from Facebook, Zillow, Google, your website, etc. you need to be on the phone once that lead gets into your CRM. On the latest Curator podcast, they discussed how their most successful partners were calling leads three to four times a day the moment they get the phone number. If they don’t get in touch with them, they try the next day again and keep trying to connect with the client as often as possible. For me, I do a lot of telemarketing, and if I have a list of 100 people that are vaguely interested in my product, I would be trying to get in touch with them as much as possible. Unless I get a hard no from there or if they ask me to stop calling directly, then I’ll keep trying to start a conversation.

Weekly Email Blasts

A bit of excellent and actionable advice we discussed on the podcast was one from our previous guest Ricky Carruth. He does what we call circle prospect, where he gets in touch with various owners of a building he’s done business in and tries to provide value for them by informing them on real estate facts about their property. He does a combination of calls and email blasts, which are highly customized to provide relevant information for potential sellers in the property. You can do this for your own business by creating highly customized and area-specific real estate reports that provide valuable information for people who might be interested in buying or selling in your area. If you’re doing a templated email every time, might as well not do it as you’ll most likely be tagged as spam. If you’re doing a regular email blast, you need to make sure your content is unique in some way and is providing actual value to your audience.