How to use a Podcast to Promote your Real Estate Business

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Podcast for Realtors

In this episode, we will talk about using podcasting for local community promotions. We will discuss how it could improve your branding in the locality and how it could open the doors for you to take the lead in your local market.

Some agents try to build their credibility in their respective communities using podcasts. Podcasting could be surprising since it can do a lot of things. You can use it to drive engagement to your blogs and websites. It could create additional content that could add value to your site. We could also look at podcasts as filler content. You could include new information in your podcast and create a more interactive mood with the audience. The key words here are engagement and credibility.

Starting a Podcast

To start a podcast, you should ask yourself the things that you want to discuss. The podcast is about people who are building courses and revenue online through their experience in building these educational websites. In real estate, a podcast is used by agents to build their credibility, grow their network, and generate leads. Examples of how a podcast is initiated are WP-Tonic and Mail-Right. WP-Tonic began from the idea to aid the WordPress users after being an active member of the WordPress community for years. Then, Mail-Right started upon the realization that it is also a necessity to have one for real estate agents. The biggest hurdle in this venture is doing the first podcast. You can build the audience by including value adding contents.

Podcast in the Real Estate Industry

There are various ways to use podcasts in the industry of real estate. You might consider to start it by discussing things about topics that create value such as property maintenance and insurance side. You could also do podcasts about various social media platforms and their utilization in generating leads and promotions. You may also include different marketing strategies. A good market for doing podcasts consists of the homeowners who are interested in topics such as property maintenance and repair.

The vital aspect of doing a podcast is how you are going to connect with your audience, as discussed the topics of their interest. It is recommendable to aim your podcast to a particular sector. It is an excellent avenue to be in front of people who are probably buying and selling properties. Also, it is a way to distinguish yourself from other real estate agents in the community.

Equipment in Podcast

Starting a podcast does not require expensive tools and equipment. You get high sound quality using some inexpensive hardware. For podcasting, you don’t need the equipment and tools which are necessary for professional scenes. What you need is a personal computer (PC) and a microphone. A USB microphone could already do the job. There are other available microphones, but they would require mixers. Mixers could provide more functionalities and flexibility, but it will increase the cost and make your setup more complex. If you are to start a podcast, you should get a decent USB microphone.

Interviews in Podcast

One thing to take note of doing a Podcast is the importance of having an interview. Discussing with someone knowledgeable or expert to a particular topic could make it more lively and interactive. People are fond of talking about themselves, especially the politicians and nonprofits. It could be strange, but recording interviews remotely is more accessible than meeting at someone’s office for the recording. You need a computer, two microphones, and probably, a mixer. To begin with, the best person to interview is someone from the local community. You could use Skype or Zoom.

Google and Podcast

You could get traffic to your website as other users engage with the podcast content on it. If Google uses the information from blogs and contents for hyperlocal searches, it treats video differently. A podcast raises engagement to your interested followers in all of your digital media spaces. You aim to gain fans so that a lot of people will be visiting your website or Facebook page. You develop your audience to listen to your podcasts and read your contents until they reach their tipping point and make a significant decision to avail your service. In an SEO perspective, that particular user that spends time to read or listen to your content could improve your overall SEO ranking.