Using Marketing Funnels For Real Estate Lead Generation | An Interview with Kevin Charlie

Founder of InboundREM an inbound marketing lead generation company focused on SEO. Blogger. Real Estate SEO expert. Real Estate Lead Generation expert. Real estate online marketing fanatic. Podcaster. Occasional public speaker and frequent vlogger.

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Tips on creating a Marketing Funnel for Real Estate

Kevin is the founder of a marketing automation company currently developing a ‘Smart Agent” System. With companies like Hubspot, Ylopo, and others all integrating Artificial Intelligence into the real estate marketing process Kevin shares his thoughts on developing a marketing funnel. Here is a bullet point list of the topic s we cover on the Podcast which we also converted into a you tube video.


  • De-Mystifying the terminology surrounding marketing funnels
  • Discussing Trulia and Zillow and there place in the “marketing funnel” real estate world
  • Discussing Click Funnels and the differences between that service and Kevins
  • The importance of maintaining a website that you own versus having a standalone marketing funnel


It’s important to mention that I am a CO-HOST on this program and the original content is housed on the Mail Right website, Itunes page, and You-Tube Channel.