Using Marketing Funnels For Real Estate Lead Generation | An Interview with Kevin Charlie

Tips on creating a Marketing Funnel for Real Estate

Kevin is the founder of a marketing automation company currently developing a ‘Smart Agent” System. With companies like Hubspot, Ylopo, and others all integrating Artificial Intelligence into the real estate marketing process Kevin shares his thoughts on developing a marketing funnel. Here is a bullet point list of the topic s we cover on the Podcast which we also converted into a you tube video.


  • De-Mystifying the terminology surrounding marketing funnels
  • Discussing Trulia and Zillow and there place in the “marketing funnel” real estate world
  • Discussing Click Funnels and the differences between that service and Kevins
  • The importance of maintaining a website that you own versus having a standalone marketing funnel


It’s important to mention that I am a CO-HOST on this program and the original content is housed on the Mail Right website, Itunes page, and You-Tube Channel.





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