Why Are Most Online Real Estate Agent Coaching Courses Crap!

Episode Timeline

The Mail-Right Show Episode 246 with Special Guest Ricky Carruth

In this episode, special guest Ricky Carruth, a 20-year real estate veteran, shares his experience and knowledge on Real Estate Coaching and explains why most of the real estate agent coaching out there is crap. He also shares some best practices that any real estate agent looking to create an online following needs to do on a regular basis.

Consistent Content

The very first topic we discussed with Ricky is on what type and how often should you put out content online. His answer, “If you’re not posting consistent content, then we can just go ahead and end this conversation right now.” You won’t know what type of content works and which platform will best generate traffic for you if you don’t start putting stuff out there. Whether it’s one video per week, a regular email blast, or daily updates, you, as an online marketer, need to have a consistent schedule that your followers can expect. Once you have a plan down, people will expect your content and be able to consume your material on a regular basis. You can build off the momentum from this consistent content and slowly but surely build your audience.

Sharing His Content For Free

The last topic we discussed before closing the podcast was the reason why his content is available for his audience for free. If you review most real estate agent coaching courses out there, you know that they charge a premium when it comes to getting the advice that will get you more leads for your business. Ricky’s answer on why his content is free is:

“This is really simple stuff. I almost feel guilty telling people how to sell real estate, because it’s so easy. People make it hard. And most of the people making it harder, coaches that are charging. They’re trying to make it seem real complicated. If you’re paying me, I can make your life way easier. No, it’s already easy. They’re just trying to get paid.”

The 28-day and 90-day Challenge

On Ricky’s website, he shares his process on how to build successful habits that will help your business grow exponentially. He provides a step by step guide on the things you should do and breaks it down into specific tasks for each day. This includes your primary real estate tasks such as calling clients, scheduling appointments, organizing a home visit, meeting with clients. It also adds healthy habits such as exercise, when to wake up, and drinking water to make sure you’re not only mentally ready for the challenge but your body is also kept healthy throughout the process. At the end of the challenge, Ricky schedules a coaching call with you and discusses your experience. He’ll also provide proper guidance on what to do next and how to get even more from your time.

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