Your Digital Marketing Plan for 2021

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Episode 265 Mail-Right Show: Building a Digital Marketing Plan Part 2

In Episode 265 of Mail-Right Show, Jonathon and I talked about building your digital marketing plan, a specific marketing strategy important for real estate professionals. Nowadays, many realtors make videos and upload them on several platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube to promote or market themselves. I want you all to know that it is necessary to have the ability to measure statistics and analyze data of the videos you have uploaded on your website and any other social media platform.

Tracking Tools And The Common Language You Need To Speak

Google Analytics is the universal tool that you can use for this purpose. It isn’t as straightforward with the data it provides, but it is free. If you have the budget, you can opt for paid tools that provide a more comprehensive analysis of your data and how to use them best. One is Ahrefs, it offers a cheap entry-level plan, and you can even take good advantage of their free version. The other is SEMrush, which offers a lot of value to digital marketers. These tracking tools will display the total traffic data on your website. It will give you an idea of how many people see your ads, where your viewers are coming from, your company’s overall standing compared to competitors, and more. All this information will help you optimize and create more content that is personalized for your audience.

Buffini System Vs. Digital Marketing

The Buffini System is a process involving saving the data of your customers in a CRM, nurturing your database, and schedule several touches with these prospects. You send them postcards or write them on their birthdays, note down their pet’s name, and other notable personal details about your prospects. This works best for people who are new in the industry and active on social events and platforms. It is also ideal for those who have been in a different industry for a long time and are transitioning to real estate. Digital Marketing, on the other hand, is best suited for people who have not spent time building local personal relationships, as Jonathon suggested. Since it will take you a long time to build a database of people you are close with, you have to use digital platforms, Google Ads, or Facebook and use these digital marketing platforms and websites to get your leads. In digital marketing, you can decide based on facts and figures and strategize effective campaigns specifically designed for your target audience.

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

What should you really expect from your digital marketing efforts? Since you are building a business and your brand, you need to be very particular about the quality of leads and the exposure your brand is getting. Be present. Be innovative. Do not just emulate what others are doing but instead add unique elements to your marketing plan. It would help if you have a keen eye to and identify which digital investments are well worth your time and money. You need to understand what your money is buying and what result you can expect to get from your effort. You need to review your numbers, the turnout of visitors, and the number of quality leads you converted into sales. If you’ve no idea how to get started, please schedule a consultation call with me. I would be happy to help talk you through which strategies would work well for your market.