The Wildly-Effective #1 Paid Advertising Strategy for Realtors 

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There’s a highly-pinpointed paid advertising strategy that drives hordes of potential leads into your marketing funnel.

Each lead costs only $3-5, depending on your location. For my clients with optimized profiles, 90% of prospects that click also call.

Even more impressive, 25% of those calls become converted leads. That’s right, twenty-five percent. My clients have had listing contracts within the first week of the posted ad.

It is the single-most effective advertising method for realtors I’ve discovered after years upon years in the business. Hands down, full stop.

For many established realtors, it requires less than an hour to set up. For everyone else, the pre-work will pay huge dividends in itself.

Paid Hyperlocal Search Packs for Realtors

If you do a google search for “Rancho Cucamonga Realtors”, you’ll find the following results.

google my business hyperlocal image pack

Of course, these results are geography-specific. If you’re far from California, something different may come up. But if you’re in Rancho Cucamonga, these three realtors stand on the champion’s podium.

So how did they get there?

First, they’ve all paid via a Google Adwords account to have their Google My Business profile sponsored above non-paid profiles. BUT the Top 3 sponsored results are not random.

Google has an algorithm that decides who gets to appear above everyone else. Through case studies and research, I’ve figured out how to outrank your competition.

Michael (from Camden Mckay Realty) has competing realtors with 3X more reviews. But he still outranks them because he paid special attention to specific ranking factors.

Hyperlocal Search Pack Ranking Factors

In Michaels’ case, we are #1 because other realtors have overlooked one or more OTHER things on this list.

  • The distance of your physical address from the location of the person doing the “Realtor In” search
  • How many reviews you have and the quality of those reviews
  • The number of times you responded when someone left you a review
  • How many high-authority directories you listed your business address in, like the Yahoo Business directory and Zillow. (If you’re my client, we’ve already done this for you.)
  • How many GEO-tagged videos you have uploaded to YouTube, confirming to Google the locality of your service.

If you don’t already have a robust GMB profile, you should get started on that ASAP. Here’s a tutorial on verifying your business on Google.

If you can check off these boxes above, skip down to Getting Started With Paid Hyperlocal Search.

Gaining Positive Reviews

As mentioned, there are lots of great uses for strong GMB profile with excellent reviews. If you use WordPress, you can post them to your website like I do in the sidebar.

They can also be used in advertising. Essentially, you can pivot much of your marketing strategy around the social proof contained in your GMB profile.

Here are some tips for getting overwhelmingly convincing reviews.

1. Use Your Whole Sphere of Influence

Here’s a secret. You don’t have to ask only past clients for positive reviews. If you spend 30 minutes helping someone understand the local market at an open house, you’re free to ask them to leave a review.

Anytime someone offers you genuine gratitude for your professional help, that’s an opportunity for a positive Google review.

Of course, you should also reach out to satisfied clients. If you do so, choose texting over email because texts have a much higher open rate.

2. Nail the Timing

Moving forward, time your request strategically. Ask in person during a positive moment. Don’t wait until the experience of working with you has faded.

Ideally, they’ll have a moment to leave the review right then and there. But be respectful of people’s privacy. They may not feel comfortable writing about you in front of you.

3. Eliminate Barriers

Make the process of leaving a review as streamlined as possible. You should have a link and talking points ready if necessary.

Certainly avoid putting words in their mouth, but it’s fair to suggest they comment on your personality, professionalism, etc.

4. Explain Why

For the best responses, explain how helpful it is to have lots of positive Google reviews. Use the information from this very article. Let them know that social proof is very valuable for getting new clients. Plus, it will help your website and of course, your paid hyperlocal advertising.

5. Expertly Handle Bad Reviews

First, you can flag inappropriate or fake reviews, and Google will remove them. But what about genuinely frustrated clients that leave low-star reviews?

Win them over. Craft a superb response and post it. Take any actions necessary to remedy the complaint. But don’t stop there. Continue being supremely helpful until you’ve changed their opinion completely.

Then ask them to rewrite the review. They don’t need to gloss over their past frustration. In fact, the entire narrative can be very convincing to potential clients. Find more great advice about Google reviews on this article about SEO for accountants. The principles are the same.

Free eBooks for Agents

Free eBooks for Real Estate Agents

Download any or all of our real estate marketing eBooks. These books contain cutting edge information, deep-diving case studies, actionable hacks to skyrocket your business.

Geo-Tagged YouTube Videos

If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of real estate video marketing. For very good reason. They generate leads like crazy.

A hefty chunk of my own leads call me after watching my introduction video. If a photo says a thousand words, a video says a million. They magnetize prospects like nobody’s business.

If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend making a short introduction video. Make it a highly-personal, mission-based story that radiates positivity and brings you to life in the viewer’s imagination.

Introduction Video Tips

  • Consider including a pet, friends, or family
  • Record in a scenic and/or personally meaningful spot
  • Write down talking points, but you don’t need to follow a script
  • Imagine you’re talking to a specific person
  • Give yourself permission to have a few bad takes

First create a YouTube account and then create a personal YouTube channel. Record your introduction video (smartphones are fine!) and upload it to your channel.

How To Change YouTube Video Location

how to change geo tag on youtube videos

Then permanently post that video to your Facebook page, website, LinkedIn profile, and of course your Google My Business profile.

Video Upload Tutorials

To find out more about video marketing techniques, check out the related articles below.

Getting Started With Paid Hyperlocal Search

Here’s the Sign-Up Link To Start The Process.

Plus, you can also follow along as I guide a client through the process. Unfortunately, we didn’t capture his audio. He was on a cell phone in Texas during an epic snowstorm.

Here is what you will need to act on this relatively new advertising method for real estate agents.

  • Google Adwords account
  • Google My Business Profile (If you’re a client of mine, you have one and can log in using your main Google Email address)
  • Headshot for ad
  • RE License number
  • Proof Of Insurance (E&O Insurance is also known as Proof Of Liability Insurance)
  • Background Check (Same as when you renew your license)
  • Bidding and budget ($200-300 monthly works for most markets. In Michaels’ case, each click is $4.50)

Boosting Leads and Optimizing ROI

Let’s analyze why Michael is getting such an amazing ROI on the paid hyperlocal search pack.

  • He has a professional, smiling headshot
  • He has 18 years of experience
  • He’s the #1 slot of the search pack
  • There are 26 reviews averaging 5-stars

That last indicator of social proof is one of the main reasons Michael reigns over the champion’s podium for the search pack. But it’s also essential to attracting clicks and optimizing this strategy.

Check out the reviews on the IREM homepage from my GMB profile. They are enthusiastic, full-fledged reviews expressing deep satisfaction. That’s how you hook prospects and get that 90% click-to-call ratio.

If you already have a built-out Google My Business page with numerous strong reviews, you should stop everything and set up hyperlocal paid advertising ASAP.

How InboundREM Can Help You

Do you want personalized advice? Do you have more questions about this process? Leave a comment below, so I can share my expertise!

InboundREM also provides full-suite, SEO-driven inbound marketing for real estate professionals. We create a website that you own (which is extremely rare), and then build it out to generate high-quality leads that contact you. Our long-term ROI is exceptional.

Check out our Services or Contact pages to learn more about how our team can take your business to the next level.

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