How to Write Real Estate Listing Descriptions That Sell

how to write good real estate listings
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Let’s optimize your process for writing highly-effective real estate listing descriptions. Of course, it’s hard to underestimate the 250 words devoted to describing the biggest lifetime purchase for most people.

(By the way, 250 words is the optimal listing description length.)

As a realtor, you know the task can get a little tedious. That’s especially true if you don’t enjoy writing. After all, not all agents are born copywriters, and that’s essentially what great listing descriptions are.

This article teaches you how to simplify the process and write exciting listing descriptions that convert well. Let’s start with the biggest no-nos I see agents doing all the time.

Or jump straight to the real estate listing description examples.

Listing Description Mistakes to Avoid

1. Using All Caps

When’s the last time you opened an email subject line written in all caps without regretting it? To be fair, it does attract attention. But it’s also a turn off for almost everyone.

If you’re using all caps, kick the habit today. It just looks spammy, untrustworthy, and unprofessional.

Using All Caps

2. Colored Font

Although slightly less spammy, this strategy is also ineffective. Most MLS platforms don’t allow for colored fonts anyway. Creative listing description strategies are nice and all, but this is not where you should try to reinvent the wheel.

3. Excessive Punctuation

Like the first two strategies, using more than one exclamation mark in the entirety of the listing is too much. Less is more, my friend.

4. Overlong or Overshort Descriptions

The majority of listing descriptions are too short with an average of around 60 words. That said, the first 60 words are super important, so use them to highlight the best features of the property. Consider hiring a writer from mybestwriting who specializes in quality content creation to make your listings more appealing and informative.

Aim for 250 words. That’s the data-proven sweet spot for high-conversion property listings. Avoid texts of more than 300 words, no matter how expansive or amenity-filled the property is.

If you’ve hit 300 words and feel the desire to continue describing the property, it’s best to end with a CTA saying something like, “There are so many more exciting features to this property, and I’d love to discuss them with you over the phone.”

Use short paragraphs with no more than 3 sentences or 3 lines on desktop. People are more forgiving of 4+ line paragraphs on mobile, but large blocks of text turn off readers. Use this article as a good model of how to do paragraph breaks that invite continued reading.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a punchy one-sentence paragraph.

5. Don’t Oversell the Property

Balance the property’s highlights with transparency. The more you sweep under the rug, the more you risk wasting your time on a pointless showing. Plus, you prove that you’re untrustworthy and prioritize your bottom line over the homebuyer’s time.

Best Tips for Real Estate Listing Descriptions

1. Tell a Story

The success of house hunting Netflix series and the phenomenon of people watching property tours for fun proves a powerful psychological trend you can harness. People love pretending to live somewhere new.

The imagination of potential clients is an easy sell. The most enticing real estate listing descriptions go beyond listing features and invite your readers to picture themselves living in the property.

When bumping up your property description from 60 to 250 words, spend 3-5+ sentences painting a picture for potential buyers. We include listing description examples that tell a story below.

Use the Homeowners

Your greatest resource for creating vivid listing descriptions is the current property owners. Here’s a list of questions you can ask to get the most comprehensive responses:

  • What are your favorite features/areas of your home?
  • Where do you enjoy spending time the most?
  • What drew you to the property in the first place?
  • Which parts of your home do you wish you used more?
  • Do any special memories come to mind?

Follow Fair Housing Laws

The last question is a great foundation for writing real estate property descriptions. The magic of a home is being a place where memories are created.

That said, it’s illegal to write real estate listings that discriminate according to these 7 demographics:

  • Color
  • Disability
  • Familial status
  • National origin
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Gender

In other words, you cannot mention that a property is “perfect for families”, “great for internationals”, or “walking distance to churches”. Some agents even hesitate to say “starter home”.

That said, listing descriptions that mention these aspects alienate target clients that don’t exist within these demographics anyway. Interestingly, sexuality and LGBTQ-status is aren’t listed for most areas.

Loophole Phrases

There are plenty of phrases you can use to signal that a home is family-friendly without breaking fair housing laws.

  • Calm street
  • Low-crime rate
  • Backyard/outdoor space
  • Located in a top school district
  • Close to parks
  • Ample square footage and bedrooms

That said, perhaps the best piece of advice I can give is to use Fair Housing Laws to your advantage. It’s easy to label a property as family-friendly and immediately alienate non-family buyers.

Fair Housing restrictions have an interesting benefit as they encourage agents to create the most buyer-inclusive listing descriptions possible.

Important Property Features

First, check out this helpful table of top property features and their importance to homebuyers.

200 Property Features for Real Estate Listing Descriptions

FeaturePercentage of Buyers Willing to Pay MoreAmount Buyers Willing to Pay Extra
One or more fireplaces40%$1,400
Eat-in kitchen40%$1,770
Home less than 5 years old40%$5,020
Stainless steel appliances41%$1,850
Kitchen island

Ensuite master bath49%$2,030
Hardwood floors54%$2,080
Granite countertops55%$1,620
Walk-in closet in master bedroom60%$1,350
New kitchen appliances69%$1,840

We’ve created a very comprehensive list of property features for your real estate listing description. You can bookmark this article or download the Property Features List.

2. Use Superlatives

Another of my best tips for writing real estate listing descriptions is to use superlatives. By this, I mean “brightest” instead of “bright”. Or “most charming” instead of “charming”.

Aim to include at least 3 superlatives per listing description. This kind of language helps create a sense of uniqueness about a property.

Here are some examples:

  • The kitchen features the brightest daylight due to the bay window for the breakfast nook and French doors leading to the outdoor patio.
  • The beautiful red front door is the most charming on the street.
  • Located in the safest neighborhood
  • The foyer is among the most inviting spaces I’ve seen
  • Privacy trees create the most private backyard in the cul-de-sac
  • The home’s most stunning feature is…

Here’s a list of some great superlatives to use:

Best Superlatives for Real Estate Listings

  • Grandest
  • Securest
  • Coziest
  • Warmest
  • Finest
  • Brightest
  • Airiest
  • Sleekest
  • Pristinest
  • Trendiest
  • Tranquilest

Best Superlatives for Real Estate Listings

  • Most luxurious
  • Most exquisite
  • Most spectacular
  • Most gorgeous
  • Most impeccable
  • Most unparalleled
  • Most upscale
  • Most captivating
  • Most idyllic
  • Most private
  • Most spacious
  • Most luminous
  • Most modern
  • Most tasteful
  • Most comfortable
  • Most convenient
  • Most state-of-the-art
  • Most sustainable
  • Most awe-inspiring
  • Most eye-catching
  • Most unique
  • Most special
  • Most magical
  • Most elegant
  • Most minimalistic
  • Most welcoming
  • Most vibrant
  • Most well-designed
  • Most high-end
  • Most carefully curated
  • Most user-friendly
  • Most rejuvenating
  • Most family-friendly
  • Most entertaining
  • Most sunlit
  • Most stylishly furnished
  • Most updated
  • Most unforgettable
  • Most stunning
  • Most magnificent
  • Most lavish
  • Most immaculate
  • Most exclusive
  • Most prestigious
  • Most enchanting
  • Most tranquil
  • Most panoramic
  • Most open
  • Most radiant
  • Most contemporary
  • Most alluring
  • Most relaxing
  • Most functional
  • Most cutting-edge
  • Most energy-efficient
  • Most dramatic
  • Most jaw-dropping
  • Most one-of-a-kind
  • Most iconic
  • Most serene
  • Most vintage
  • Most sophisticated
  • Most comopolitan
  • Most glamorous
  • Most thoughtfully designed
  • Most well-appointed
  • Most smart
  • Most calming
  • Most child-safe
  • Most expansive
  • Most picturesque
  • Most well-decorated
  • Most exceptional
  • Most breathtaking
  • Most majestic
  • Most beautiful
  • Most splendid
  • Most remarkable
  • Most opulent
  • Most charming
  • Most peaceful
  • Most airy
  • Most stylish
  • Most inviting
  • Most efficient
  • Most eco-friendly
  • Most mesmerizing
  • Most impressive
  • Most extraordinary
  • Most distinctive
  • Most historic
  • Most sought-after
  • Most eclectic
  • Most intimate
  • Most harmonious
  • Most polished
  • Most meticulously crafted
  • Most versatile
  • Most technologically advanced
  • Most homely
  • Most pet-friendly
  • Most open-plan
  • Most delightful
  • Most well-maintained
  • Most inspiring

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Writing Perfect Headlines

1. Be Descriptive and Specific

Use specific and descriptive language to highlight the key features of the property. Include important details such as location, size, amenities, and unique selling points.

For example, “Stunning 3-Bedroom Townhouse with Rooftop Terrace in Prime Downtown Location.”

2. Emphasize Unique Selling Points

Identify and highlight the unique features that set the property apart from others in the market. Whether it’s a breathtaking view, luxurious upgrades, or proximity to desirable amenities, make sure to emphasize these selling points in your headline.

For instance, “Oceanfront Paradise: Luxurious Condo with Panoramic Views and Private Beach Access.”

3. Use Powerful Adjectives

Incorporate strong and compelling adjectives to create interest and evoke emotions. Words like “luxurious,” “exquisite,” “charming,” or “spacious” can help make your headline more engaging.

For example, “Charming Craftsman Bungalow with Vintage Details and Modern Upgrades.”

4. Include Numbers and Statistics

Incorporate numbers or statistics to grab attention and provide quantifiable information about the property.

For instance, “Sprawling 5,000 sq. ft. Estate on 10 Acres of Pristine Landscaped Grounds.”

5. Create a Sense of Urgency

Use words that create a sense of urgency or exclusivity to encourage potential buyers to take immediate action. Phrases like “Rare Opportunity” can help create a sense of urgency and increase interest.

6. Appeal to Emotions

Connect with the reader’s emotions by highlighting the lifestyle benefits of the property. Consider mentioning features like a tranquil backyard oasis, a gourmet chef’s kitchen, or a cozy fireplace to evoke a sense of comfort and enjoyment.

7. Keep it Concise

While it’s important to provide enough information, keep your headline concise and to the point. Use powerful words and phrases that convey the most important aspects of the property in a brief and attention-grabbing manner. Aim for a headline length of around 10-15 words to maintain clarity and impact.

Crafting Great CTAs

1. Be Clear and Action-Oriented

A great call-to-action (CTA) should clearly communicate the desired action and motivate potential buyers or renters to take that action. Use strong action verbs and concise language to make your CTA stand out.

For example, instead of saying, “Contact me for more information,” try something like, “Call now to schedule a viewing” or “Submit an inquiry for a private showing.” By being clear and specific, you make it easier for interested individuals to take the next step.

2. Create a Sense of Urgency

To increase the effectiveness of your CTA, it’s essential to instill a sense of urgency in potential buyers or renters. People are more likely to act promptly if they believe there’s a limited time or opportunity available.

Try to avoid cliche phrases like “Act fast now”. Instead try to spin it with language that feels more authentic and less advertise-y.

For example, “This is a rare opportunity at this price point” or “This property will not last the average 34.6 days on market.” This urgency can motivate individuals to take immediate action rather than delaying their decision.

3. Highlight Unique Selling Points

A successful CTA should also emphasize the unique selling points of the property or offer. Consider the distinctive features, amenities, or benefits that make the listing desirable and showcase them in your CTA.

For instance, if the property has a stunning view, you can say, “Schedule a viewing today if you want to experience breathtaking sunsets from your own balcony.”

By focusing on the property’s unique qualities, you create a compelling reason for potential buyers or renters to engage with your CTA.

Remember, a well-crafted CTA should be clear, action-oriented, create a sense of urgency, and highlight the unique selling points of the property or offer. By implementing these tips, you can maximize the effectiveness of your CTAs and increase engagement from potential buyers or renters.

ChatGPT Listing Descriptions

To optimize the process of writing real estate listing descriptions, we’ve created prompts for you to plug into ChatGPT. Read the article and download the guide below. 

Real Estate Listing Description Examples

Ok so let’s combine these strategies, tips, and hacks for writing real estate listing descriptions. Here’s 3 examples of catchy and effective property listing descriptions.

Idaho Springs Mountain Home

Mountain Paradise Retreat: Luxury 4-Bedroom Home with Breathtaking Views

Nestled in the picturesque beauty of Idaho Springs, Colorado, this luxury mountain home offers a haven of tranquility and natural splendor. With its rustic mountain architectural style and modern amenities, this 4-bedroom retreat is the epitome of mountain living at its finest.

As you step inside, you’ll be captivated by the floor-to-ceiling windows that frame breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks and valleys, creating an immersive experience that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living.

The open-concept living area boasts a grand stone fireplace, where you can gather with loved ones and cozy up on chilly evenings, sharing stories and creating cherished memories.

The well-appointed kitchen is a culinary enthusiast’s dream, featuring stainless steel appliances, a gas range, and ample counter space for preparing gourmet meals.

Host gatherings and celebrations in the dining area, with plenty of space to accommodate family and friends. As the sun sets, retire to the master suite, a sanctuary of comfort and serenity, complete with a spa-like en-suite bathroom and private balcony, providing an intimate retreat within your own home.

Beyond the walls of this magnificent residence, an outdoor paradise awaits. The expansive deck and patio beckon you to soak in the sun and savor the crisp mountain air while taking in the panoramic vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Explore the natural wonders of the surrounding area, with hiking trails that wind through lush forests, ski resorts offering thrilling alpine adventures, and fishing spots where you can cast a line and reel in the day’s catch.

With a gated entry and alarm system, your peace of mind and security are assured. This mountain home is not just a property; it is a lifestyle, offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of city living. Experience the harmonious blend of luxury and nature in this secluded mountain retreat, where every day feels like a vacation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make this extraordinary home yours and create a lifetime of cherished moments in this idyllic mountain setting.

Call today to schedule a private tour of this unmissable property. 

Palm Spring Mid-Century Modern

Spacious and Stylish: Mid-Century Modern Oasis in Desert Park Estates

This stunning mid-century modern gem is nestled on a beautiful palm-lined street, offering the most private and serene setting in the neighborhood.

With a total square footage of 2,500 sq. ft., this meticulously maintained residence boasts 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

You’ll be captivated by the spacious open floor plan that provides an ideal space for entertaining and impressing your guests.

The focal point of the home is the chef-grade kitchen, featuring stainless steel appliances, including a refrigerator, double oven, and dishwasher. The kitchen’s granite countertops and custom cabinetry perfectly complement the tile and hardwood flooring throughout the house.

One of the unique features of this home is its breathtaking bay windows, which flood the kitchen with natural light, making it the brightest room in the house.

These windows also offer a convenient vantage point to monitor anyone using the private pool, ensuring your peace of mind while enjoying the outdoor amenities.

Speaking of outdoor amenities, the fenced backyard is a true oasis, complete with a private pool and a patio area with outdoor seating. The landscaped garden provides a serene backdrop, creating a perfect spot for relaxation and unwinding.

Additionally, this property is located in the prestigious Desert Park Estates, known for its beautiful palm-lined streets and proximity to golf courses, hiking trails, shopping centers, and fine dining options.

This remarkable home also comes with a two-car garage, central heating, and central air conditioning to keep you comfortable year-round. The security alarm system adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to own the most private residence in the neighborhood, located in the best school district in the area.

Experience luxury living at its finest! Schedule a showing today and make this mid-century modern masterpiece your own.

High-Tech Modern Charlotte Apartment

Modern Luxury in Downtown Charlotte: Stylish 2-Bedroom Apartment with Smart-Home Automation

Welcome to your urban sanctuary in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina. This modern 2-bedroom apartment offers a seamless blend of style with high-tech and smart-automated convenience.

Step inside and be greeted by the open-concept layout, featuring hardwood floors that flow throughout the living space. The well-appointed kitchen is a culinary enthusiast’s dream, complete with stainless steel appliances and a spacious kitchen island, providing ample counter space for meal preparation and a gathering place for guests.

The large windows fill the apartment with natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere, perfect for the houseplant lover.

Experience the ease of smart-home automation as you control lighting, temperature, and more with the touch of a button. With Google Fiber available, you can enjoy lightning-fast internet connectivity for all your streaming, gaming, and online needs. Embrace energy efficiency with features designed to reduce consumption and save on utility costs.

Located in a low-crime neighborhood, this apartment offers peace of mind and security. Take advantage of the community’s amenities, including a pool and fitness center, perfect for staying active and enjoying leisure time.

Within close proximity, you’ll find a variety of dining options, shopping centers, and parks, providing endless entertainment and recreational opportunities.

This apartment is a unique opportunity to live in a vibrant urban setting while enjoying the comforts of a modern and thoughtfully designed home.

Don’t miss out on the chance to make this apartment yours and experience the best of Charlotte living.

I’d love to chat about scheduling a private showing of this hot property. It won’t last long.

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