How to Write Listing Descriptions with ChatGPT

how to write real estate property listing descriptions with chatgpt
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Step-by-Step Guide for ChatGPT Real Estate Listing Descriptions

Sometimes ChatGPT is great for optimizing writing tasks, but sometimes it’s just mediocre. Our step-by-step guide makes a complicated task easy and produces high-conversion real estate listing descriptions in minutes. 

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Step 1: Open the 200 Property Features List and create a copy you can edit.

Step 2: Fill out the table below.

“Unique Selling Points” can overlap with “Best Features. “USP” is a good place to enter superlative phrases, like:

  • The most private property in the neighborhood
  • The kitchen is the brightest room
  • Best school district in the area

It is ESSENTIAL that you include as many detailed features as possible. This allows the listing description to sound like it was written by a person, not AI.

“Need to Know” is a great place to add details like “Multiple offers received”, “House is sold as-is”, or “Seller will consider owner financing.”

Feel free to add columns as necessary to include all of the property features from the list above.

Property Features
Total Square Footage: 
Number of Bedrooms: 
Number of Bathrooms: 
Architectural Style: 
Year Built: 
Lot Size: 
Garage Capacity: 
Flooring Type: 
Kitchen Appliances: 
Heating System: 
Cooling System: 
Outdoor Amenities: 
School District: 
Nearby Amenities: 
Security Features: 
Unique Selling Points: 
Best Features: 
Need to Know: 

Step 3: Copy and paste the original prompt into ChatGPT.

“I am a real estate agent creating a real estate listing description for a property I represent. In the next prompt, I will provide a list of the important property features I want you to include in the listing. Once you have the property features list, I will then provide a list of instructions for writing the listing description in the following prompt. Do you understand?”

You should receive a response like this:

Step 3: Copy and paste the original prompt into ChatGPT

Step 4: Copy and paste the Property Features Table.

You will probably lose the table formatting, but the content should be perfectly understandable. Expect a response like this:

Step 4: Copy and paste the Property Features Table

Step 5: Provide detailed instructions in the next prompt.

In this section, you will have to provide phrases and sentences you want ChatGPT to include. This is ESSENTIAL for creating a description that feels written by a person, not AI. Aim to include 50-100 words of text here.

It’s also the best place to include sentences that invite the reader to imagine themselves living in the property.

  • The chef-grade kitchen and open-floor plan provide the perfect space for entertaining and impressing your guests.
  • The fenced backyard with privacy trees provides the most secluded space in the neighborhood for relaxing in the warm California sun.
  • The gorgeous bay windows make the kitchen the brightest space in the house. They also allow you to easily monitor anyone using the pool, providing you with peace of mind.


The real estate listing description should include a headline, listing description, and CTA. I will give further instructions for each of these parts.

Headline: I want you to provide 3 example headlines for the property listing. They should be 10-15 words. Here are some tips for good headlines: use catchy language, create urgency, use numbers, and highlight the unique selling points and best features.

Listing Description: Create 2 versions. Both versions must be at least 250 words. Focus on the unique selling points and best features in the first 60 words of the descriptions. It’s very important you write in a way that invites readers to imagine themselves living in the home. Below I include phrases and sentences you should use. I also include a list of words you should avoid.

Phrases to Include:


Sentences to include:


Words to Avoid:

  • able-bodied
  • adult
  • bachelor
  • approval required
  • married
  • mature
  • newlywed
  • children
  • child
  • cheap
  • couple
  • elderly
  • employed
  • older person
  • physically fit
  • seasonal worker
  • single
  • single-family
  • empty nest
  • independent
  • integrated
  • landlord
  • smoker
  • great school
  • good school

CTA: Create 3 CTAs for this property. Some tips for great CTAs include being clear and action-oriented, creating a sense of urgency, and highlight unique selling points and best features.

Before you create the listing descriptions, let me know that you understand the instructions.


Step 6: Review the listing descriptions.

At this point, ChatGPT may go a bit rogue. It may not create full 250-word descriptions or include your exact recommended phrases and sentences. Perhaps it uses overused language like “rare gem,” “dream home,” or “act fast now”.

You simply need to ask for edits accordingly. In some cases, it may be best to copy and paste the best version into a new ChatGPT thread before asking for edits.

I used this format to create listing descriptions for 7 different properties, and I received quite consistent results.

Step 7: Edit according to your personal knowledge.

At a certain point, you’ll need to edit the AI-generated text according to your personal knowledge of the property. I usually use this AI writing app free because it is more optimized for text generation. I recommend this step for every listing description. It’s very important that you edit out any language that violates Fair Housing Laws.

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