My 2024 Robly Review: Pricing, Testimonials, and Features

Robly Review Including Pricing, Features, and More
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Quick Robly Review

Overall, our Robly review scores the platform quite highly. For the right real estate agents, it’s an excellent option with great features, reasonable pricing, and satisfied clients. They have a few features unique to their platform which are especially powerful, including the Robly AI and OpenGen features.

Client Satisfaction
Overall Rating

Personally, I find their template designs on the mediocre side, although creating your own branded graphics can solve this issue to a high degree. You can also import HTML for completely custom designs, but this is a bit labor-intensive. Sometimes the drag-and-drop editor requires some troubleshooting.

In the nine years of their existence, Robly has encountered some issues, but they also seem to take them seriously and create solutions. For example, there have been a significant amount of complaints from people on Robly’s own contact list who have been flooded with spam emails.

Obviously, this is disencouraging. However, the amount of negative Robly reviews on this topic have dropped off, suggesting they fixed whatever security issues they had.

Most Robly reviews from actual clients are very positive and satisfied, and I would include myself among that group. They generally score higher ratings than the majority of email marketing platforms. As I mentioned, it really comes down to whether Robly is right for you. I discuss that in-depth towards the end of the article.

Finally, they have a support team of three people: Brennan, Daniel, and Quandra. I have opened many support tickets with all three. Two have been exceptional across the board, and one has been occasionally moody and unhelpful. Overall, my experience has been quite positive with very quick responses, often within an hour or two.

Review From An Expert Robly User

My company InboundREM builds SEO-focused websites for real estate agents, as well as providing other core services like hyperlocal (Google Business Profile) campaigns and email marketing campaigns.

Full disclosure, I’ve happily used Robly for years, for myself and clients. The platform suits our business needs well, and I’ve leveraged it extremely well according to niche market standards.

For instance, most email marketers strive for about a 25-30% open rate and a 2-4% click rate. Those working within companies offering marketing services may strive for better conversion rates.

In my case, I finished 2023 with a 50.4% open rate and a 8.8% click rate, partially due to Robly’s unique features.

Robly Interface from Expert User Review

While Robly has worked well for me, I’m not a biased fanboy. This Robly review will concentrate on which kinds and sizes of business should invest in the platform and provide strong alternatives for everyone else.

Robly Pricing Plans

Robly has four main tiers of pricing, but every plan includes all the features. The only difference in pricing comes from the size of your email contact list.

Robly Review Pricing Plans
Number of
Email Contacts
Monthly Price
(Paid Annually)
Monthly Price
(Paid Annually)
Up to 500$15$19
1 Million$2712$3190

As an experienced email marketer with a business dedicated to being client-first, I find Robly’s pricing structure reasonable and even commendable. The majority of business will find themselves in the bolded price range.

I like that even basic users get the full functionality of the platform, especially because most features are highly beneficial to every user. This differs from most email marketing platforms that offer different tiers of functionality.

The average size of their client’s email lists is about 2500. They could have created some sort of upsell strategy around that mark, but instead they find it better to let Robly clients with smaller email lists use the entire platform. Thumbs up.

While paying $2500+ each month for a platform that sends emails may seem expensive, enterprises at that level can leverage Robly features to make an extraordinary ROI.

Additionally, less robust platforms like Mailchimp charge $1600/month for 200,000 contacts, which is well above Robly’s pricing of $849/month. Constant Contact charges $340/month for 25,000 contacts, also well above Robly’s pricing of $149/month.

Accordingly, I would say that Robly’s pricing is exceptionally reasonable and worthwhile across the board.

Robly Features


As you can see above, the Robly Dashboard is pretty straightforward and intuitive. It contains basically all the data and metrics you want to monitor over time.


In my opinion, the automated OpenGen feature is basically Robly’s claim to fame. Other providers do offer this capability, but you’ll have to do it manually. Robly makes the process effortless with a single click.

In addition, Robly combines this feature with its AI scheduling. That means that it sends those emails at the optimal time for different contacts. As you can imagine, that’s a powerful 1-2 punch.

Robly A.I.

Robly AI Feature

The A.I. scheduling feature essentially tracks when your contacts open your emails. With this information, it recommends the best times to send emails based on past data.

To some degree, you will need to interpret this data and make adjustments. For example, your open rates close to holidays will probably not be the best indicator of when to send emails the following week.

Robly also tracks this information globally, based on all of the data they receive from the millions of subscribers belonging to their clients. So if you don’t have enough information from your own subscribers, you can follow global trends.

Even cooler, the scheduling feature means that you can choose a window between 3 and 23 hours to send emails. Each individual subscriber will receive your email at the exact moment they are most likely to check their inbox within that window. As you can imagine, that’s amazing and highly effective technology.


This is a standard feature across email marketing platforms. Robly does a fine job, and it doesn’t take long to figure it out.

The greatest part about Robly’s segmentation is that it automatically creates “Engaged” and “Unengaged” lists.

The simplest way to use this feature is sending all your content to engaged contacts and saving your best content to send to everyone. This lowers your unsubscribe rates. It’s another area of great functionality.

Email Builder

The Drag and Drop Editor has a simple interface. It’s easy to understand how it works. Complications can arise when you preview your email for both desktop and mobile. Sometimes you have to play with the design to format it well for both.

Occasionally I’ve had situations where I just can’t get the formatting perfect. It’s a minor issue for most businesses, but could be a major issue for those who want stunning branding.

A/B Testing

This is another standard feature that works well with Robly. My only complaint is that you must choose whether you will create A/B emails at the beginning of the process. If you decide to change your mind, you’ll have to start over and copy/paste your work.

Customer Support

As far as I know, the Robly Support team consists of three people: Brennan, Daniel, and Quandra. Over the last couple of years, I’ve opened 30-40 support tickets. In almost all cases, the support team member was helpful, communicative, and quick to respond.

I did have one issue, where we had issues importing contacts onto our client’s Robly account. I emailed one team member back and forth most days for a week without a good solution. In the end, the solution was extremely easy, but I had to figure it out myself.

The customer support member in question got a bit snippy in the end. However, that situation was an exception. 

Generally speaking, I’ve had a very positive experience and expect you will too.

Robly Reviews and Testimonials

Overall Robly has strong client reviews across the board. Most platforms collecting Robly customer reviews average between 4.2 and 4.6 stars.

Robly Client Support Reviews

Positive Reviews

Positive Robly reviews center around the OpenGen feature, Robly AI scheduling feature, cost-effectiveness, and strong results, like boosted open rates and click rates.

Positive Client Testimonials

- Ashokkumar K
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“I love how Robly's OpenGen tech boosts my email open rates by re-sending to non-openers with fresh subject lines. The drag-and-drop builder is a lifesaver for creating visually appealing campaigns, and the automation features make my life so much easier. The A/B testing and segmentation options help me fine-tune my strategy, and the customer support is top-notch. Plus, it's budget-friendly and integrates well with other tools. Overall, Robly is a game-changer for my email marketing efforts!”
- Russell Weitzner
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“Our company has been using Robly for over five years to promote our events. It is an essential piece of our advertising program. Over the years we have built up thousands of contacts and the email is easy to build with many features. What is essential about our success with Robly, is Robly’s ability to be on the leading edge of advances in technology. I particularly like the feature of Open Gen, which allows us to re serve those that did not open their email the first time. Robly has proven itself effective in reaching our base of customers through proof of coupon redemption at our box office. Our email list is our most cost-effective method of advertising. We will continue to use Robly for all our events.”
- Alex B
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“Compared to competitors, the interface is much easier to use. I feel that the templates they provide give great options and I believe for a small fee they will design a custom template for your organization/business which is totally worth it. The OpenGen feature is pretty unique and haven't seen anything like it on other e-marketing programs. It allows you to re-send the same email (even with a new subject line) to those that did not open it the first time. It greatly increases open rates and click-through rate. Overall it is much more flexible and easy to use and drag and drop text and images. They have a great widget too to collect and grow your email database for Facebook and website.”

Negative Robly Reviews

Most negative Robly reviews center around these issues:

  • Robly subscribers receiving spammy emails
  • Platform down from overuse
  • Issues with design and platform updates
  • Emails going to spam folders

As I mentioned earlier, the first issue is a big deal but seems to be mostly solved. It also applies to Robly subscribers, rather than clients. Does Robly deserve the negative reviews for breaches in their security? Yes. Will it be an issue for your contacts if you use Robly? I haven’t heard any reports of this.

Similarly, the platform being down from overuse seems to be solved. Personally, I never encountered this issue.

The third issue, problems with the design elements and platform updates, does make sense to me. There are lots of little problems I’ve had trying to get a template formatted properly. I’d say this is a fair complaint that’s still relevant.

When it comes to emails going to spam folders, I’m not sure how much this has to do with Robly. Email platforms, like Gmail, have an algorithm for sorting emails to spam.

If you do something dumb, like put “Free” in the subject line, it’s going to have consequences no matter what platform you use. The more mistakes you make, the lower your trust score, which results in more emails going to spam. Just educate yourself, and you should be fine.

Negative Cliest Testimonials

- Emily Durand
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“Used to be a decent email service but they just updated the drag and drop editing and while you can now put embedded videos, the entire editor is more difficult and much more limiting. The mobile view is all off center and there’s no way to edit in mobile view to fix. When I reached out to the chat they told me that I just had to just “play around with it” to get it to look normal. The editor also glitches and you have to refresh the page almost every time.”
- Sheridan
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“I have 2 accounts with Robly and the first couple of years were good. They may not have the versatility of other companies but the pricing made up for it... They have since redone their design and it is awful. Something that would have taken me 20 min in the old version has now taken about 1.5 hours because of the ridiculous layout that they have moved to and I still am not done. They have taken away the ability to access the HTML and also you can't even caption a photo. I am canceling ASAP because I would rather pay 10x more for something that actually makes sense and doesn't give you a terrible headache. Run away from this software if you are thinking about it!”
- Ruth Brooks
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“At first I didn't like it because the options and the customization confused me. It takes a few weeks to learn how to use it. Then it started to fill my expectations. The interface is not to my complete liking, but it offers me the basic tools for email marketing.”

Who Should Use Robly

1. Those with High Commissions

For example, I recommend Robly to real estate agents because a single transaction can pay for a decade of Robly subscriptions. The OpenGen and AI scheduling features really boost your open rates and click rates. That means more face time with your prospects, and more converted leads.

2. Those with Decent Marketing Budgets

While some complain that Robly is too expensive, I think they are just misinformed. Many email marketing tools cost the same or more than Robly. Yes, they may have more features and better design for the same cost.

However, Robly’s features are very powerful, especially for optimizing your lead funnel. That should be the main goal of almost all email campaigns.

In general, email marketing is one of the cheapest lead generation strategies across all online marketing. No matter what your niche or industry is, there are probably much better areas to save money.