Why Exposure Really Important in Real Estate?

One of the Top 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneur and known as the Wizard Behind the curtain “Heather Ann Havenwood” is on air. Heather Ann Havenwood is a well-known woman entrepreneur which is also called as Chief Sex BossTM. She started her online marketing company 2016, and now earning over millions of sales less than a year….

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Tips on How to Advertise using Instagram

Do You Know How IGTV works? Do you want to know some tips and recommended tools to use in advertising using Instagram? We talked about Instagram functionality, and how it captured the youth market. This podcast discusses the launch of IGTV and how IGTV works. Do you know how this IGTV works? You can record…

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Your most valuable tool. The real estate agents smartphone.

This image introduces a podcast on how a real estate agent can use a smart phone for marketing

Smartphones. How to use yours to create real estate leads. We going to discuss how agents can use their smartphones to market themselves in the most effective way possible. Most agents are on the road a LOT and really rely on mobile technology to help theme be available for existing and new clients. However, smartphones…

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