Dominate Your Marketing Strategy with Dr Lee Davenport

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Mail Right Podcast Episode 253 with Special Guest Dr. Lee Davenport

Lee is an Atlanta-based real estate coach and blogger who has been featured in lots of notable publications, including Realtor Magazine and the Huffington Post. She gained her doctorate. from her dissertation on working with the top 1,000 real estate professionals in the industry. Which personality types work best, and what strategies are the most effective for them. She’s been in real estate her whole life working with her parents at a young age. After moving to Georgia, she started her practice. Unfortunately, she was struck during the last recession, and her business went down with it. She started transitioning more into real estate sales and experienced a boom once she started using social media to grow an audience. She did so well that brokers and various companies began hiring her to do training in 2009, and she hasn’t stopped since. In this episode, she’s going to be sharing with us her process on how to dominate your marketing strategy in 2020 effectively.

Maximizing Your Time During the Covid-19 Lockdowns

One of the most significant changes the Corona Virus Pandemic has caused is how meetings and the typical real estate face to face transactions are done. People are limiting their exposure to the outside world, and realtors need to adjust accordingly. This makes it one of the best times to build out an online video marketing strategy. One of Lee’s clients, a top realtor in Texas, struggled with editing videos, he was personable and quite good at talking like so many salespeople, but he lacked the technical skills when it came to doing his edits. Dr. Lee suggested that he start producing videos daily and have his son take care of the editing. He did it, and now he’s reaping the rewards via lots of incoming calls and inquiries from his video content. If you’ve been putting off making video content and filming the top neighborhoods in your market, now is a perfect time! Get yourself on YouTube and incorporate these videos on all your online platforms to better position yourself for today and the future.

Call Your Clients

It’s hard to work nowadays, especially with the pandemic, some of us just want to stay at home and not be productive, and sometimes that’s okay. Take a few days off to get your mind on the right gear before getting back to work. With everything that’s happening, now’s a great time to get in touch with previous clients. A simple call to ask, “how you doing? How are you coping with the situation? If you need any advice about your home, always be here for you.” If they’re struggling financially, they may want to sell their home to get some cash out of their property and possibly avoid going further into debt.