EPISODE 318: Real Estate Marketing Importance

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EPISODE 318: Real Estate Marketing Importance

On the 318th episode of the Mail-Right Show, John and Robert featured Brad Sugars. Brad Sugars is the CEO and founder of ActionCOACH, the world’s largest business coaching organization with over 1100 locations in 83 countries, teaching and coaching business owners and senior executives on how to conduct better business. He is also the author of seventeen books, four of which have been best sellers. This podcast revolves around why marketing is crucial and the difference between being an employee and an entrepreneur.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the process of developing, pricing, marketing, and disseminating your ideas, products, or services to satisfy the needs of organizations or individual consumers. Every firm must promote its products and services successfully. Marketing is crucial for raising awareness, acquiring new clients, and maintaining long-term partnerships. When marketing is done correctly, it can help you grow sales and generate a competitive advantage.

Objective of Marketing

  • Attracting new customers – The primary purpose of marketing management is to acquire new customers to enhance product sales. Numerous strategies are implemented to ensure that the maximum number of customers are attracted to the company’s products, including placing advertisements on television channels or social media, distributing pamphlets, and organizing a sales team that demonstrates the products.
  • Customer satisfaction – Another critical purpose of marketing management is to retain satisfied customers who have a long-term relationship with the company’s products. While quality is critical for this purpose, good service is also critical, such as on-time product delivery and product delivery without damage.
  • Profitability – Without profit, a business cannot survive. Profitability is the lifeblood of any business. Profitability is crucial for expanding, developing, and maintaining a firm.
  • Establishing a good public reputation – Public reputation is critical to a business’s growth. If a corporation has a positive public image, it has a greater probability of growth and diversification; nevertheless, it will perish if the company has a negative public image. A business’s reputation can be improved and made more trustworthy by consumers through marketing.
    Maximizing the market share – Another marketing management purpose is to maximize marketing share. Businesses employ various strategies to optimize market sales of their products by comparing them to a market economy. Occasionally, companies provide discounts to entice clients. Sometimes, they create appealing and distinctive packaging and provide promotions.

Being an Entrepreneur VS an Employee

  • Being an employee means you are not working on your dream; you are being paid to work on someone else’s.
  • As a business owner, you must learn it. It takes a long time to learn.
  • As an employee, your role is you be an apprentice to a business owner.
  • The primary purpose of seeking employment is not for financial gain but to increase your learning potential. For instance, if you work in real estate, you may seek employment with the finest broker in town. Now, he may initially want additional commissions from you. He may take a higher percentage at first, but you’re going to learn a lot more from the best broker in town than you will from the ordinary broker.