Episode 366: With Special Guest Aaron Weiche, CEO and Co-founder of Leadferno

Episode Timeline

In the Mail Right Show’s 366th episode, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman, together with their episode’s special guest, the CEO and Co-founder of Leadferno, a business texting platform that helps get and close leads more quickly. Over the past two decades, Aaron has founded and directed several software firms and digital marketing agencies. Meanwhile, the show’s hosts, Robert and Jonathan, are real estate experts who help agents learn and grow their businesses. Robert Newman is the CEO of the marketing firm: Inbound REM and Jonathan Denwood is the founder of Mail Right. This online platform builds websites on WordPress and offers multiple digital marketing tools for lead gathering.

How To Close More Leads with Text Messaging

Text Messaging and Real Estate
Texting has been one of the primary communications of realtors with their clients. As you know, real estate agents are always on the move talking with their potential clients, arranging meetings, and answering messages or inquiries. Text messages allow the quick exchange of information between agents and their clients, easing the stress of homebuyers as they purchase a new home. Consumers like that they have connections with their realtors and can send them updates quickly.

As a consumer, you will want to work with a real estate agent who can communicate well with you to decide whether you can trust their service. Being in touch with customers about how things are going in their home purchase, knowing their wants and needs for a property, and whenever they want to purchase a property again can be done by texting.

Preprocess and Post-transaction
Preprocess is when you establish a spark between you and your potential clients. It is when they start to assess whether they will hire you as their realtor. Then the post-transaction process is after every successful transaction. Texting is an excellent tool to land new clients and to keep them coming your way.

Personal Communication
The advent of automated response is efficient for business owners and even real estate agents. But, on the flip side, clients want personal communication between you and them. Establishing a personal touch in the communication process is something that automated chat responses cannot do.

By facilitating omnichannel communication, Leadferno helps organizations generate and convert more leads. Integrating SMS and other messaging technologies from the most popular online platforms enables your business to adapt to the changing pace of communication.

In Leadferno, the agent can always pick up on the conversation. The consumer will get something saying, “Thanks for contacting us. We’re currently with a customer, and we’re going to text you back as soon as we’re free. We’re glad you’re here.” accompanied by a link where they can browse services you offer or look at listings. When the agent comes into the conversation, they can start personalizing it.

Catching up with the client is not difficult for the agent, as it requires little effort to tap and see the saved message templates or answers. LeadInferno makes great communication happen to gather and convert leads for your business to grow.