Episode 382: Video Editing Services and Software to Make Real Estate Videos Easier and Faster in 2023

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For the Mail Right Show’s 382nd episode, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman reviewed the best services and applications real estate agents can use for video editing to create good real estate videos easily. Robert Newman, the founder of InboundREM, an inbound marketing agency, is a real estate SEO specialist with over 14 years of experience. Meanwhile, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail-Right, a company that combines multiple digital tools into a single, simple-to-use package. This episode dives into the features and pros of video editing services that will help realtors produce professional-look videos to capture potential buyers’ attention.

1. Canva

This multi-task application is an excellent alternative to a traditional video editor like Adobe Photoshop and can also help you have a load of other things. It is so much easier to learn and utilize and much cheaper. You can use so many helpful features of Canva with a premium account for $14.99 per month, but you can also do so much with Canva’s free version. One of the fantastic features Canva has introduced recently is the background remover, allowing you to pull in the video stream and remove objects’ backgrounds. When putting videos on social media platforms, usually, it will require different aspect ratios and can be confusing for some, but Canva can help you with that.


A video editing tool that is a cross-platform tool you can run on the web and mobile app (android and iOS). VEED.IO provides a good user interface that is easy to use. If you want to do a more elaborate video but feel constrained by what Canva offers, VEED.IO is an excellent option. They provide templates and different aspect ratios for different video frames you need. They also offer a royalty-free video music library, which you can use commercially. Other useful tools this app provides are color correction, live streaming, and screen recording. VEED.IO pricing starts from $18 monthly to $100 for the enterprise.

3. Promo

This tool allows you to customize its pre-made templates that create powerful real estate videos, all you have to do is choose videos and photos from your gallery, put a text, add a logo resize, and you will have a video. Its UX is less powerful than VEED.IO, but what makes it a bit different is that it has a whole library of pre-made videos and an entire library for particular industries, including real estate agents. Promo also has music library royalty and images you can place on videos.

Promo’s price is a little high, starting at about $30 and going up to $199 for yearly plans, and you have a 50% discount for monthly plans. For $29, if you start if you pay for the annual account, you will have access to its library of pre-designed templates specifically aimed at real estate agents. These templates are good to use for faceless YouTube videos, which is a strategy many people follow. To leverage these templates, you can do a strong video introduction, buy the membership, and get every template with some custom descriptions and notes to make it appear as if it was all your content. Then you can post it to your channel and see if you can get about 1000 views.


This tool is designed to use smartphones to make videos. A platform you can utilize, from writing down and practicing your script to recording and editing video to posting it on your chosen platform, all in one software. It has a split screen and recording records in portrait mode. Part of those two is the teleprompter, so you can have a script out while creating your whole video. For instance, if you are briefly introducing a house, you can utilize Bigvu’s teleprompter to write down your notes, import them, and present your prepared speech on camera. This is especially helpful for those struggling with speaking confidently on camera without a script.

They also have a video landing page with semi-professional videos that are more polished. Although not specifically designed for real estate professionals, it is worth using as it has unique aspects that make it more attractive or usable than other great products mentioned above. Other features Bigvu has are auto caption, style video, composer, and trimmer. You can also share the video you created on social media with just one click. Lastly, it has a replace green screen feature.

5. iMovie Mac Only

This tool comes free with every Mac that doesn’t come with the iPhone. It might come with an app that runs on the iPhone, but any desktop or laptop Mac you buy, iMovie Mac Only, will come free. It’s easier to utilize than other professional tools but has a dated interface. Nevertheless, if you want to get started and avoid paying for Canva but want to use a tool similar to what Canva provides, iMovie Mac Only is a great alternative.

6. Adobe Premiere Rush

A mobile and desktop video editing app allows users to shoot, create, and edit excellent and attractive videos on any device. Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the three main professional video editing tools that dominate the market. Its subscription is quite expensive, which is $999, but it is offset by the quality it offers. It has a more polished and modern UX design than Adobe Premiere Pro. To download Adobe Premiere Rush, you can visit https://www.adobe.com/products/premiere-rush.html.

7. RunwayML

A game changer in online video editing, leveraging the power of machine learning to revolutionize the editing experience with an entirely online platform. It offers users convenience, as they can access the program without downloading or storing it, freeing up valuable device space. It has cloud recording rendering capabilities, so users can easily edit and export videos in different formats. RunwayML provides demos on its website; many people are talking about it on YouTube, so you have many resources to learn about it. Its price is between $12.99 and $28 per month. It is an excellent choice if you have a team and want to provide them with a tool since it saves much time in RAW video editing.

8. Vidyo.ai

There are different platforms to upload and share videos, such as Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. When uploading videos online, utilizing YouTube reels can be advantageous due to the increased organic views they receive. However, it is essential to consider the varying app size limits associated with different platforms— aspect ratio and pulse rate landscape. For example, you upload videos in VGA format, which can then be automatically divided into shorter clips suitable for platforms like LinkedIn, which have limitations. This feature streamlines the process by automatically adapting the content to fit various platforms’ requirements and saves creators significant time.

9. Gling

When utilizing the services of a professional video editor, it is essential to consider the cost implications. Typically, a professional video editor will charge a fee for their expertise. In this case, there are two options: either the editor has the necessary tools and includes them in the overall cost, or you buy the required tools and provide them to the editor. Doing so saves significant time in the boring yet crucial task of eliminating any unwanted issues present in the raw footage. Gling helps in this process, allowing for a smoother editing experience.