14 Really Funny Memes About the Real Estate Market

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Table of Contents

Funny meme about if I had a dollar everytime I'm asked "How is the market?" using funny old woman picture
Funny meme about millenials waiting for the housing market to cras so they can but their first home.
Funny meme when boomers complain about the housing market saying "I mean, it's one house Mcihael. What could it cost, $20,000?"
Funny meme about the word Meow is in Homeowner
Funny meme about property price range with Leonardo DiCaprio
Funny meme selling a toy house as a new listing coming soon!
Funny 2022 Housing market prices are made up and comps don't matter
Funny Home buyers vs Housing Market
Funny meme about selling duplex for $180k using tents with airconditioning
Funny listing agent meme saying We've been getting a lot of action recently and are expecting multiples
Funny meme about American starter home style evolution from 1970s to 2030s

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