50 Real Estate Hashtags: How to use them

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Real Estate Hashtags: How to use them on each Social Media Platform.


Real Estate Hashtags act as filters on Social Media. Each social media platform uses them differently. You are going to learn the top 50 hashtags|filters for real estate and how to use them on the Social Media services essential for real estate professionals. These are the Social Media channels a Real Estate professional should consider in order of importance. They all use hashtags.

The top 50 real estate hashtags

  1. #realestate
  2. #realtor
  3. #justlisted
  4. #broker
  6. #forsale
  7. #homesale
  9. #newhome
  10. #househunting
  11. #dreamhome
  12. #properties
  13. #milliondollarlisting
  14. #oldhousecharm
  15. #home
  16. #listing[ZIP CODE] [LOCATION]
  17. #homesforsale [CITY NAME]
  18. #property
  19. #investment[CITY NAME]
  20. #housing
  21. #mortgage
  22. #homesforsale
  23. #openhouse [address]
  24. #homeinspection
  25. #creditreport
  26. #creditscore
  27. #cashcow
  28. #homesweethome
  29. #thereisnoplacelikehome
  30. #foreclosure
  31. #shortsale
  32. #distressedproperty
  33. #emptynest
  34. #renovated
  35. #justlisted
  36. #reo
  37. #countrylife
  38. #[Complimenting your Clients]
  39. #fixandflip
  40. #brokeragename
  42. #brokername [CITY NAME]
  43. #[YOUR NAME]
  44. #wanttomove
  45. #ibuy[DESCRIPTION] houses
  47. #localschooldistrict
  48. #houseportrait
  49. #freecma
  50. #accuratehomeevaluation

Once you have used these hashtags you can find new idea’s from the most popular #hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Ello using Top Hashtags.com 

How to use Real Estate hashtags on Pinterest

You use Hashtags for searches and pin descriptions. Pinterest uses #hashtags in pin descriptions to rank pins in internal search results. Pinterest then uses #hashtags as a filter when you are doing searches. Here is an example using Real Estate Hashtags.  Pinterest is the best social media platform for any realtor to focus on. I’ve got a great step by step tutorial if you want to get started with Pinterest here is a link


Screen shot of a PInterest Real Estate Hashtag
The outlined Pinterest boards all contain the #denverrealestate hashtag.


How to use Real Estate Hashtags On Instagram 

You use Hashtags on Instagram to filter interests, people, and places. Follow the examples from left to right.


Instagram Hashtag result for #denverrealestate
This screen shot shows you how to research hashtags on Instagram. The hashtag pictured is used on 15,623 posts.
Denver Highlands Instagram real estate hashtag
Load FOR SALE listings using #neighborhood hashtags. The one shown is The Denver Highlands.


Image of a real estate hashtag on instagram.
Joyce Rey is a top Real Estate Agent Nationwide. She announced an open house on Instagram 3.6.2017. I highlighted the hashtags and address.


You can target a neighborhood or type of real estate.(See my post on real estate niches for more hashtag ideas)  You should include a phone number for open houses.


How to use real estate hashtags on Facebook.

Hashtags provide a little-known real estate marketing advantage on Facebook.  You can see not many people post using hashtags.


  • Post your listings OR your logo and phone number using #[NEIGHBORHOOD]
  • DO this ONCE every TEN times you post to Facebook.
Image of a facebook real estate hashtag search.
When someone searches using a hashtag like#denverhighlands they will get the posts that have used the same hashtag.
How to use Real Estate Hashtags on Google Plus

Google is good at identifying keywords. Using hashtags on Google Plus guarantees you’re post will be associated with the keywords and location you are interested in.

Image of a Google plus real estate hashtag
Hashtags are a powerful tool for real estate professionals on Google +. You can see here a video from 2015 is still a top search result due to hashtags.


5 more real estate hashtag tips:


  1. Use one or two hashtags per post on Pinterest or Twitter
  2. Use 2-3 hashtags per post on Facebook and Google +
  3. Use as many hashtags as make sense on Instagram
  4. Hashtags need to make sense in the context of your post on ALL platforms
  5. Specific hashtags are usually better than general hashtags. IE: #denverhighlands is better than #denverrealestate


One more thing: 


A video tutorial that gives you deeper insight into using these hashtags or ones like them on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Google +. The video is 15 minutes in length. 







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