How Bret Made $101,700 in 10 Weeks from Google Business Profile

Bret Wallace GBP Case Study
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Bret’s GBP Campaign ROI

Bret reported that in the first 10 weeks of 2024, he generated 6 leads from his Google Business Profile

The commissions from these leads will total $101,700.

That’s in addition to a GBP lead that generated a $19,870 commission in mid-December that I’m not even counting.

ClientSale PriceComission
Client 1$415,000$12,450
Client 2$725,000$21,750
Client 3$500,000$15,000
Client 4$450,000$13,500
Client 5$500,000$15,000
Client 6$800,000$24,000
Sum Total$101,700

Our Google Business Profile campaigns cost $500/month. That equals a Year-To-Date 68X ROI for 2024, even if we round 10 weeks up to 3 campaign months.

For all of 2023, Bret converted a respectable 11 leads from his Google Business Profile alone.

He’s on track to almost triple that number for 2024, which is a testament to how effective our hyperlocal campaigns and hacks are.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how our campaign combined with Bret following our best hyperlocal hacks, led to these insane results.

Bret’s Google Reviews

After reading my deep-diving case studies on the effect of keywords in Google Business Profile reviews, Bret jumped into action. Within a couple of weeks, he generated 8 reviews targeting the following keywords:

  • Best Sugar Land Realtor/Real Estate Agent
  • Top Sugar Land Realtor/Real Estate Agent
  • Best Fort Bend Realtor/Real Estate Agent
  • Best Fort Bend County Realtor/Real Estate Agent
  • Houston Realtor/Real Estate Agent
  • Greater Houston Realtor/Real Estate Agent

You can check them out below. They tend to be model reviews, which are easier to get when you download and send clients our Cheat Sheet for Leaving Perfect Google Reviews.

Paul Mathew
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“Working closely with Brett, it's evident why they're regarded as one of the top real estate agents in Sugar Land. Their proficiency in the field is exceptional, complemented by a deep understanding of the market's nuances. As a mortgage professional, collaborating with them has been a delight due to their seamless handling of transactions, ensuring a smooth and timely process for clients. Their dedication to providing comprehensive support to homebuyers is evident in every interaction, making them a standout in the industry. I highly recommend Brett for their unwavering commitment and expertise in real estate, setting a high standard for fellow professionals in the field.”
Shayne Wilson
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“Bret Wallace has exceeded our expectations once again while helping us purchase a business in Angleton! His experience provides a road map of what to expect and what questions to ask. Always responsive and dedicated to where we wonder if he has any other clients! He was a huge resource for the many questions we had and correspondence with the sellers created a friendly environment so we could get quick answers. Bret is easily the best real estate agent in Sugar Land and beyond! Thanks so much for the fantastic closing and we look forward to the next!”
Maddison Morgan
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“Bret Wallace is by far one of the best realtors I have yet to work with as a lender! He made the transaction between our customers and us (the bank) as smooth as could be! If you’re looking for the best realtor in Sugar Land (maybe even Fort Bend County), Bret is your guy. It was obvious how much he truly cared about his customers, not just the sale. I cannot recommend him enough for all of your real estate transactions!”
Angela Hernandez
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“Bret made the process very efficient and seamless. If you are looking for a home in the Houston area he’s your guy!”
Russell Thompson
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“Bret Wallace is a top notch Greater Houston Realtor. Undoubtedly, the best real estate agent in Fort Bend County! I have been getting advice from him the last two years in preparation to buy my first home. He’s hasn’t made a dollar from me yet he answers my call, texts, and e-mails in real-time like I’m his best client. He is the real deal. Thank you, Bret!”
Megan Hardy
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“Bret Wallace's commitment to excellence truly makes him the best real estate agent in Sugar Land. His keen understanding of the local market and unmatched negotiation skills ensure that clients not only find their dream homes but also secure the best deals. In my experience, Bret goes above and beyond to understand his clients' needs, providing tailored solutions and expert guidance throughout the entire buying or selling process. If you're looking for a real estate partner who combines industry expertise with a personalized touch, Bret Wallace is undoubtedly the agent to trust!”
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“I had an exceptional experience working with Bret Wallace as my realtor. From start to finish, Bret demonstrated unparalleled expertise, dedication, and professionalism. His knowledge of the local real estate market is truly impressive, and he went above and beyond to ensure a seamless and successful transaction.
Greg Stit
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“Bret Wallace is undoubtedly the best real estate agent in Sugar Land. His commitment to client satisfaction, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills set him apart in the industry. I highly recommend Bret to anyone looking for a top-notch realtor who delivers outstanding results.”
Jeff Owens
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“Bret Wallace is a fantastic resource for a realtor. Very responsive and knowledgeable of the marker. I will recommend Bret to all my family and friends. Bret is the BEST realtor in Sugarland.”

Most of these reviews are in the 50-100 word range, which is pretty strong. Bret also responded immediately and thoroughly to each review.

But the bolded keyphrases made a significant difference in his ranking for related local searches. Click through them to see what I mean.

Let’s talk more about how he got so many reviews quickly.

How Bret Got 8 Google Reviews in 2 Weeks

Bret is an all-star and a workhorse, so I might actually believe he did 8 transactions in two weeks. But that’s not how he generated so many reviews in such a short period.

He followed our advice to reach out to people in his professional circle beyond satisfied clients. He told his network about our powerful Google reviews hacks and left them reviews using those hacks. Here’s an example review he left on a mortgage lender’s GBP that he works with:

“Jason is the best Mortgage Lender in The Woodlands! Full stop. He and his team have their systems wired tight. It's comforting having a military Veteran running the show. The loan process is nothing if not processes, checklist, and timelines. And GREAT COMMUNICATION of course. Thank you for being one of the true mortgage professionals out there. Kudos!”

Bret also contacted other realtors with whom he has a referral relationship. This trick isn’t something I recommended, it’s just him taking clever initiative. Follow his lead!

InboundREM’s Hyperlocal Campaign

In addition to these reviews and hacks, InboundREM does loads of behind-the-scenes optimization and development.

For Google Business Profile campaigns, we build and audit citations, develop GBP posts, and analyze metrics to determine how to fully dominate the hyperlocal SEO space. We also provide advice on highly surgical methods to boost rankings.

That paid off big time for a range of hyperlocal keywords.

There are 4 ways to rank locally on Google. These are the Local Pack, Local Finder, Organic Search, and Google Maps.

Here’s a guide to what the differences between those 4 things are.

Now let’s look at the ranking results for Bret’s Google Business Profile across these 4 different platforms. 

Local Pack Results

“Place Name” Local Keywords

By “place name” keywords I mean the kind of search queries you can find in the images below. You can see that Bret is ranking in the Top 3 for all kinds of local searches, including:

  • Sugar Land real estate agent
  • Real estate agent Sugar Land Texas
  • Fort Bend realtor
  • Fort Bend County real estate agents
  • Fort Bend real estate agents
  • Fort Bend TX real estate agent
  • Fort Bend Texas realtor

Now these are just a sample. I could’ve included many more because our campaign has Bret dominating a wide range of local keywords. Swipe or click through the images for evidence.

“Best Realtor/Real Estate Agent” Local Keywords

Beyond those “place name” keywords, there’s a subsection of keywords that include the word “best” or “top”. These are pretty common searches, and it’s very lucrative to rank for them.

Here’s evidence that our hyperlocal campaign helped Bret rank in the top spots for these keywords:

  • Best real estate agent in Sugar Land
  • Best real estate agent in Fort Bend

Local Finder Results

“Realtor” and “Real Estate Agent Keywords

In addition to that range of local “place name” and “best/top” keywords, there are the main two keywords that any agent can rank for in their area. “Real Estate Agent” and “Realtor”.

While the above images showed his rankings for the Local Pack, these graphs show the results for the Local Finder.

Below you can see the synergy between Bret and InboundREM’s efforts paying off in a big way.

Bret wallace realtor

He jumped all the way to Rank 2 for both keywords.

Now on this point, I’d like to mention one of the secret hacks for Google Business Profiles for realtors. It’s not always about ranking #1. After all, what really matters is commissions.

More commonly than on other platforms, users will contact the second or third ranking agent first. That’s because that agent has the best reviews. That social proof is more powerful than Google’s exact rank.

Google Maps Rankings

Let’s keep breaking down the results that helped Bret capture 6 leads in 10 weeks from InboundREM’s hyperlocal campaign. The rankings below refer to searches done on Google Maps.

The grid maps show accurate results of Bret’s rankings for every geographical point surrounding his offices. Check out the before and after for “Real Estate Agent”.

Before and After Rankings

These grids represent about 36 square miles. Everyone who searches “real estate agent” within that grid will see Bret and his glowing reviews immediately.

Not only that, but clearly he’s ranking in the top 3 beyond that area, since he’s Rank 1 to edge of the grid.

It should be getting clear how Bret was able to achieve a 68X ROI through our Google Business Profile Campaign.

Just in case you want even more results, I’ll share them. Here is the same grid, but for the Google Maps search terms “realtor”.

How InboundREM Helps

It’s highly important to note that our Google review hacks worked so exceptionally because Bret has an excellent foundation for his Google Business Profile. There are plenty of other factors at play besides strong keywords in his client’s reviews.

One of the most important is having an SEO-focused website that integrates his Google Business Profile. As you can see below, InboundREM built his website to integrate and showcase these reviews.

In addition, our blog and backlinking campaigns have generated strong traffic and built a powerful authority score (called Domain Rating, or DR). We also sourced an excellent URL which the Google algorithm loves for both organic search and local SEO. These signals are essential to creating an unbeatable GBP.

Maybe best of all, Bret owns his website and all of the content. Almost every real estate website builder retains ultimate ownership of agent websites. Their contracts force you to lease your website from them, making it highly difficult and expensive to switch providers if they drop the ball.

InboundREM lets every client retain complete ownership of their websites. Putting clients first is just how we do business, even though the vast majority of the industry works differently.

Another strong signal that’s helping Bret’s local SEO efforts is his YouTube channel. Though it’s not listed on his GBP, Google knows the two have the same owner because he uses the same Gmail account across all platforms.

I’m happy to say I’ve been a guiding hand for Bret’s YouTube marketing efforts, which have more than paid off.

Another benefit of being an InboundREM client is that Bret gets insider access on how to best implement the groundbreaking hacks that we discover as we discover them.

While we freely share a lot of our findings with anyone in our circle, almost all agents won’t have the right digital footprint to leverage our case studies to their fullest power. Bret also has a direct line to me, allowing him to get personalized advice from someone with deep knowledge of both his business and real estate digital marketing.

Google Business Profile Content

Check out our full suite of hyperlocal content to optimize your Google Business Profile and dominate your local market. 

Even better, get excited about planning a consultation call with me about hyperlocal SEO and how we can transform your business with this highly cost-effective strategy. Schedule below!

HyperLocal (GBP) Campaigns

Google Business Profiles are the most effective and underused hyperlocal real estate marketing strategy. By combining decades of hyperlocal expertise, top-tier hyperlocal software tools, and a series of groundbreaking GBP best practices derived from in-house case studies, we boost your Google Business Profile to the top ranks for the most profitable of keywords, generating a stream of high-quality, hot leads.

Because GBPs are free and evergreen, we can offer this service at very cost-effective pricing and require relatively minimal effort on your part to leverage it explosively.

Being a historically referral-led business, the real estate industry is almost bafflingly behind in leveraging digital technology. That spells a massive opportunity for new and experienced agents to dominate their markets with this cutting-edge lead generation strategy.

Our Hyperlocal Campaigns represent a low-cost investment with powerful and swift ROIs. Schedule a free, no-strings-attached consultation with our CEO Robert Newman.

HyperLocal Campaign Pricing and Services

Google Business Profile Setup ($1500)

  • Basecamp Setup
  • Onboarding with a project manager
  • Introduction to your ongoing account manager
  • Creating and/or connecting a Google Analytics account
  • GBP Setup or Audit according to our hyperlocal SEO best practices
  • Hyperlocal campaign set up, including the first 10 business directory submissions
  • Optimizing existing GBP profiles, ensuring they are set up correctly for your real estate business and farm area (May include location verification)
  • Existing Directory audit, ensuring all addresses correspond and match
    hyperlocal SEO best practices

Ongoing Services ($500 Monthly)

  • Monthly Reviews from a project manager
  • 90-day Client Review meeting
  • Submission to 5 new directories each month
  • Validating the previous month’s directories
  • Google Business Profile post(s)
  • Monthly guidance on what agents need to be doing to achieve ranking dominance
  • One optimized YouTube video of up to 10 minutes
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