How Google Business Profiles Help Real Estate Websites Rank

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Outranking Huge Names

What if I told you a small realty team of three people started outranking multi-billion dollar real estate corporations for highly-valuable “homes for sale” keywords?

That list includes huge names like Redfin, Century21, Coldwell Banker, Compass, Rocket Homes, Movoto, Loopnet, and Niche.

Now what if I said they jumped from the depths of Google to outrank these websites in just 6 weeks?

Oh, and they simply followed highly-surgical SEO strategies that we give away for free, combined with our $500/month hyperlocal campaign?

Just in case your eyebrows aren’t already raised so high they have left your face completely…

All these results were just ancillary benefits to Bret’s website from a campaign focused on building a dominant Google Business Profile.

Now let’s get those eyebrows back where they belong by proving everything I’ve said.

Bret’s Website Ranking

First, let’s check out the rankings of Bret’s website over the big name players. Here’s a bunch of evidence that he’s boxed them out. You can see Bret’s site highlighted in orange and the biggest name competitors in yellow.

Here Bret is outranking Rocket Homes, Coldwell Banker, and Century 21.

Here he outranked Redfin, Compass, Niche, and Loopnet.

For this keyword, he took down Rocket Homes, Compass, Century21, and Movoto. There’s plenty more evidence, but I think these three examples are enough to prove my point.

Now let’s check out the keywords that he’s ranking for.

Hyperlocal Keywords

The first screenshot below demonstrates the moderate to huge upticks in rankings for a bunch of hyperlocal “homes for sale” keywords.

If you check the dates for these keyword rankings, you’ll see I set it for a 6-week period beginning with when Bret started following our hacks for generating highly-effective Google reviews.

In addition, Bret started ranking for a bunch of new local keywords. This is for the same 6 week period. Check them out below.

New Homepage Keywords from Google Business Profile Campaign1

Breaking Down the Results

Alright, so we have proof of the metrics, but how did that happen?

Interestingly, no significant changes occurred to the content on Bret’s website. All these improvements happened for his homepage. The site as a whole is more or less the same, especially in terms of changes that would facilitate these ranking jumps.

InboundREM built and manages Bret’s website. We also manage his Google Business Profile. Accordingly, there are all kinds of behind-the-scenes connections and hacks in place to ensure Google knows that Bret is an authority on his area.

That’s why Bret was already ranking decently for these hyperlocal keywords. The kicker was Bret following our detailed advice on generating Google reviews with the correct frequency and range of suggested keyphrases.

This wealth of external 3rd-parties reinforcing his local knowledge boosted him above the big players. Remember, this is just the fallout after 6 weeks. Such an explosive jump will continue along the same trend for some time.

It’s just another snapshot in the rapidly expanding portfolio of ways that InboundREM helps clients achieve exceptional results.

How InboundREM Can Help

Hyperlocal real estate SEO is changing fast. The Google algorithm for keywords like “realtor near me” and “Palm Springs homes for sale” evolves rapidly. Every week, there are new, insanely powerful SEO hacks to discover through deep-diving case studies.

InboundREM does that work for our audience. We leverage those secrets to the fullest for our clients. It’s an extremely exciting time for real estate agents to discover the power of hyperlocal SEO and Google Business Profiles.

Take it from me, a digital real estate marketing expert of 15 years. This is the best lead generation strategy of 2024.

The campaigns are affordable, and the ROIs are off the charts. If you want to have a conversation that gets your heart beating and mouth watering, we’re standing by to walk you through how InboundREM can turn 2024 into the year that changed your real estate career.

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