50+ Real Estate Closing Gifts for Buyers, Sellers, and Agents

50 best real estate closing gifts for buyers and sellers
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The Importance of Gift Giving

As a real estate professional, you understand the importance of providing excellent service to your clients. One way to go above and beyond is by giving a closing gift after your clients purchase their dream home.

A thoughtful and personalized closing gift can make a lasting impression and show your clients that you appreciate their business.

When it comes to gift giving, you want to make sure you choose the perfect closing gift that fits your client’s personality and their unique interests.

Our list of the best real estate closing gifts in 2023 includes a variety of options, from practical gifts that will make the move into their new home easier, to unique and thoughtful gestures that will make them feel special.

At the end of the day, the best real estate closing gifts are the ones that show your clients that you understand and appreciate them.

By choosing a gift that matches their personality and interests, you can make a thoughtful gesture that will leave a lasting impression and lead to repeat business and referrals in the future.

Choose the Perfect Realtor Closing Gift

Real estate closing gifts can play a much more important role in your marketing plan than some realtors expect. According to the NRA, 88 percent of buyers say they would use their Realtor again, but in reality only 19 percent actually work with the same agent or recommend them to others. 

In other words, there’s lots of room for improvement.

Since almost half of your clients come from referrals, you already know it’s essential to optimize the word of mouth surrounding your services. Perfectly chosen closing gifts that don’t sap your time should be the cherry on top of client relationships. 

To that end, we recommend finding a small collection of realtor closing gifts for buyers and sellers that will delight the vast majority of your future client base.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links for certain, carefully-chosen products. However, the primary purpose of this article is to help you delight clients, not for us to gain commissions. By partnering, we can provide images to spark your interest and links to streamline the gift-buying process. Win-win.

Real Estate Closing Gifts for Buyers

In this section, we explore backyard closing gifts, housewarming gifts, local services and experiences, gifts for transplants, luxury gift ideas, and much more.

Backyard Closing Gifts

Outdoor Hammock

hammock with lay down and sitting options

Tree Swing

wooden swing for children

Outdoor Fire Pit

backyard gift

Cornhole Lawn Game

Hummingbird Feeder

Robotic Lawnmower

Artisan Windchimes

Artisan Suncatchers

Croquet Backyard Game


colonial style birdhouse
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Housewarming Gifts from Realtors

This section is full of great ideas to make a house feel like a home. These options have a personal touch, and they are sure to warm your client’s hearts.

Stained Glass Window Hanging

Succulent Terrariums

Nest Bluetooth Thermostat

real estate closing gift ideas

Local Gift Ideas​

Buying your closing gifts from local businesses allows you to form connections with your community. 

For that reason, we highly recommend finding strong gift options from small businesses in your area.

One super clever idea is to market your closing gift on "For Sale" signs. For example, offer "$100 in Free Tacos" on your listed properties.

Local Backyard Gifts

  • Porch Swing
  • Fruit Trees or Privacy Trees
  • Gift Card to a Local Nursery

Local Services

  • Lawn Care Service 
  • Consultation with Landscaping Professional
  • Consultation with an Interior Designer
  • One Year of Pest Control
  • Handyman Service
  • 1-3 months of Cleaning Service
  • Moving Service
  • Autographed Sports Memorabilia
  • First-Night Survival Kit
  • 1-3 months of Homeowner’s Insurance

On one hand, homeowner’s insurance is not the most exciting gift. Plus, in many cases, it will be included in the contract. But if not, it does have the added benefit of giving you peace of mind. 

If something unforeseen goes wrong with the property, you’ve already provided the solution with homeowner’s insurance.

Local Housewarming Gifts

  • A Drawing or Watercolor of the Home
  • Engraved Door Knocker
  • Flowers or Florist Gift Card

Even better, work with a florist to deliver monthly bouquets to your client’s home for 3-6 months. 

Local Experiences

  • Cooking Lessons
  • Sports Tickets
  • Theater Tickets
  • Concert Tickets
  • Water Park Pass 
  • Drive-In Movie Tickets
  • Winery Tour
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Sport Lessons (For Example, Skiing)
  • Gift Certificate to Local Animal Shelter (To Rescue an Animal)

Gifts for Transplant Clients

  • Snowblower or Tire Chains for Snowy Regions
  • Beautiful Citronella Candles for Buggy Areas
  • Car Wash Certificates for Oceanside Homes

Cordless Snowblower

realtor closing gift idea

Beautiful Citronella Candles

Real Estate Closing Gifts for Sellers

  • Massage or Sauna Certificates
  • Catered Holiday Meals (If the client is moving during Christmas or Thanksgiving)

Best Luxury Brands

  • Hermes
  • Tiffany & Co
  • Crate & Barrel

Real Estate Closing Gifts to Avoid

  • Branded Gifts

Branded gifts aren’t really gifts. They’re just self-promotion.

  • Monthly Subscriptions like Netflix

They’re just blah and will never inspire referrals.

  • Gifts for Experts

If your client is an expert outdoorsman, don’t buy them a compass. They probably have perfectly dialed-in gear, and you’re only going to buy something they won’t use. 

Gifts to Buy for Agents

If you’re looking to buy a gift for an agent, know that the number one thing you can give is referrals. 

The second best thing you can give is glowing reviews on Google, Facebook, and their website.

Beyond that, here are some clever things to buy your agent to show appreciation.

Digital Business Card

Laser Distance Measure

Wide-Angle Smartphone Lens