Real Estate YouTube Spotlight: Jordan Schilleci of Jo & Co.

real estate youtuber case study on jordan schilleci
Founder of InboundREM an inbound marketing lead generation company focused on SEO. Blogger. Real Estate SEO expert. Real Estate Lead Generation expert. Real estate online marketing fanatic. Podcaster. Occasional public speaker and frequent vlogger.

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🥇Model Real Estate Agent YouTuber for Insane Production

Jordan is a Content Queen. I’d suggest that you scroll all the way to the bottom of her YouTube videos, but I don’t want you to get carpal tunnel. Same for her blog, which has over 500 posts.

Basically all of that content is from the last 2 years. I’ve featured Jordan on my YT Channel already (below).

How To Copy Jordan’s Real Estate YouTube Channel

1. Insane Production Rate

Jordan essentially produces one video per day, ranging from about 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

That’s bleeping wild. For many, a more reasonable schedule is one video per week. At least until you catch the YouTube bug. Then you may find yourself happily obsessive about video creation.

Consistency is one key to showing the YouTube algorithm you deserve to be promoted by the algorithm. It’s very much a reciprocal, scratch-my-back and i’ll-scratch-yours relationship.

2. YouTube Content Map & Video Topics

One of the first steps to facilitate a crazy production rate is creating a solid content map. In other words, this is a list of video topics organized into a timeline. Here are some of Jordan’s greatest hyperlocal video topics that you can use for your own channel.

You can basically use each of these topics for every city, county, zip code, and neighborhood that you cover. In other words, there’s at least 100 video ideas here.

Real Estate Agent in [Insert City, County, Area]
Neighborhood Driving Tours
Neighborhood Amenity Lists
Moving To [Insert Location] Guide
Moving From [Insert Your Location] to [Insert Popular Destination]
Neighborhood Comparisons
Real Estate Market Reports
Real Estate Market Forecasts
Local Home Selling and Buying Guides
Relocation Guides
House Tours
Living in [Insert Location] Breakdown
Local Business Spotlights
Curated Lists of Several Great Local Properties
What Does [Insert Price Point] Get You in [Insert Location]?

Believe it or not, this is just the short list. I encourage you to visit her Real Estate YouTube Channel for more content ideas.

3. YouTube Playlist Ideas

Buyer and Seller Series (Topics related to buying and selling your home)
Neighborhood Guides
New Build Property Showcases
Realtor in [Insert Location]
Tax & Financial Info
First Time Homebuyers
Virtual Tours
Relocation Guides
Day in the Life Series
Comparison (Vs.) Series
Funny Shorts
Personal Updates

4. YouTube Content Assembly Line

There are many elements of Jordan’s content that are essentially copy, tweak, and paste.

She has a standard YouTube thumbnail where she just changes the title. She has a standard video description loaded with resources that she just tweaks the first paragraph or so. She creates most of her videos sitting at her desk with a simple, but aesthetic background.

There’s virtually no editing, just one-shot videos with very simple production value that get rendered and uploaded. I imagine she only needs a single assistant with basic YouTube SEO training who handles everything past hitting the End Recording button.

Featured Real Estate Video

The video above has over 150,000 views despite being only 10 months old and 3 minutes long. Not only that, it also must drive leads like crazy because the title targets a search term that is perfect for lead generation.

To find out more ways to emulate her success, click below.

Real Estate YouTuber Spotlights

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