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Krista has leveraged YouTube video marketing to build two multi-million dollar businesses. Her channel teaches real estate professionals how to copy her success. In the YouTube short below, she echoes what I’ve been underlining for years…

YouTube video marketing is twice as powerful and half as hard as you probably think. For many, the main obstacle is getting over your inhibitions about being in front of the camera. But just like riding a bike, it will get you where you’re going SO MUCH faster once you get the hang of it.

What I love about Krista is that she wants to inspire people to the point that the main problem they have is navigating overwhelmingly rapid success.

Lessons From Krista’s Real Estate YouTube Channel

1. Stop Doubting Your Ability To Succeed

Of the many, many quotes I could pull from Krista’s videos and seminars, I chose to highlight this one first. Why? Because it’s EXACTLY what many of you need to hear.

“What’s the secret to my success? Well, listen, there’s nothing special about me. There’s nothing special about the people in the [Real Estate Agent] Millionaire Club.”

It doesn’t matter if you have a lisp or strong accent. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford high production value video equipment. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new agent or currently feel camera-shy.

If you doubt Krista’s transparency, check this out. Two minutes after she gave the above quote, she told a story about how she discovered her husband’s infidelity at the same time she had quit her teaching job to become a realtor. She also mentions being a foster child in special needs classes.

To me, that level of radical transparency speaks volumes. She transfers that inspiring level of authenticity into her real estate coaching videos. Let’s talk about what else Krista has to say.

2. Top Secrets to Engagement Marketing

“You do not sell, you serve.”

Yes, yes, and yes. In today’s real estate marketing world, you should not be asking yourself how to make more money. Ask yourself how to help people for free, and the money will follow.

That’s the secret that Krista used to pick herself up after the market crashed and she went from 169 yearly transactions to 12.

"One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words."

Like myself, Krista champions video as the best format for providing your audience with authority-establishing, trust-building, lead-generating value.

3. How Krista Had 48 Transactions in One Year During COVID

To put that into perspective, Krista’s market only had 48 listings available at the beginning of the year. There were half as many listings as usual, and easily the lowest amount of inventory for her entire career.

So how did she do it? She outlines her step-by-step method in the video below. Read on for the outline of her video content.

Step 1: Find the Biggest Problem Potential Clients Have

This step will be different for everyone depending on your market, niche, and current trends. So there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the first step.

That spells opportunity for you. By evaluating the hyper-current issues your potential leads face, you get to stand out above the competition.

Using Krista as an example, the main problem her market was facing was fear of sellers to list their house in case they couldn’t find a local replacement property. It’s a standard problem that probably isn’t new to anyone who was active during COVID.

Step 2: Create Solution Content

Next Krista started creating content speaking to potential clients that don’t have substantial savings, don’t have amazing credit scores, and are therefore scared to buy. She also targeted those currently renting but were afraid to buy in that climate.

In other words, she used blanket marketing to warm up cold leads.

Step 3: Turn Warm Leads Into Hot Leads

At this point, the goal is to nurture those warm leads and convince them that you’re the realtor to help them achieve this suddenly attainable goal. Starting at 7:30 time stamp, Krista talks about a fascinating case study relevant to this point.

At the 10:40 mark, Krista really peels the top off her marketing strategy with a very specific, data-driven 12-step plan to nurturing leads. I encourage you to let her explain the rest of her method.

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