Episode 365: We Interview Scott Agnew, CEO and Operating Partner at Keller Williams

Episode Timeline

For Mail Right Show’s 365th episode, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman interviewed Scott Agnew, the CEO and the operating partner at Keller Williams Realty. They talked about Scott’s new book, “The Top Ten Mistakes That Prevent You From Being a Long-Term Leader,” and the leadership skills needed in a difficult market. Robert Newman is the CEO of the marketing company Inbound REM, and he specializes in SEO. Meanwhile, Jonathan Denwood is the CEO of Mail Right, a website packed with various digital resources like basic customer relationship management tools, IDX connectivity, and more.

Long-Term Leader by Scott Agnew

Scott Agnew revealed that his book was inspired by “What’s In It For Them?” by the Genious Network’s founder Joe Polish. He also shared that his mentors in life greatly influenced his inspiration to write his new book about leadership. “…mentorship has played a huge role in helping me get comfortable with who I am. It helped me write the book.” -Scott Agnew.

The Main Theme of Leadership

To be a long-term leader, you must know how to interact in the moment rather than focus on skills, tools, and objectives. One thing is true: it is difficult to execute a plan. You must know how to approach the moment to avoid pivoting and losing your team.

How Do You Increase Your Potency As a Leader?

Agnew’s book’s main message is how to increase your potency as a leader. Potency is when you make suggestions, give guidance, or offer a new perspective. Leaders should not have anxiety that could negatively impact their actions. When you let anxiety creep into you, you will have doubts and question the things you do, the people around you, and your abilities. You need to have a clear mind and focus at all times.

As a Leader, You Are There To Learn

Being a leader is knowing what your people feel, their situations, the challenges they face, and their victories. Learning about your team will motivate them to perform well because they know someone acknowledges them as a person, not only for what they can do.

The Top Three Lessons From The Book

Communication between you and your people makes things a hundred times better and smoother. As a leader, make sure you let your people know that you listen to them, understand them, and appreciate them. When no wall blocks your communication with your team, that’s the time you start to see things better and learn things essential for your effectiveness and success.

Get in The Front Lines
Leaders know what happens on the front lines. The leader is not the only one planning everything; everyone should be involved. The plan must be well-thought, and there’s participation from everyone on the team to cover all possible angles.

Put Yourself in the Shoes of Others
Putting yourself in the shoes of others allows you to be on the same wavelength as them resulting in understanding and better performance.

Agnew also shared some of his life experiences and his experience working in the real estate industry including how he managed the lead people in their company.

Leaders Don’t Lead Everyone

A common mistake that leaders make, according to Agnew, is when they think they have to lead everyone. Leaders only lead five to ten key people to lead others. That is how he leads in Keller Williams. The goal is not to be the hero but to create a space where people can thrive. That is how he started leading their company. Keller Williams Realty has almost 1700 agents in Utah.