Episode 412: Best Type of Facebook & YouTube Videos For Real Estate Agents in 2024

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In the 412th episode of the Mail-Right Show, Jonathan Denwood and Adam Brown unravel the secrets behind creating compelling Facebook and YouTube videos for real estate agents in 2024. Jonathan Denwood is a video expert and the co-founder of Mail-Right, a platform that builds WordPress websites and combines digital marketing tools in a streamlined, user-friendly package. Meanwhile, Adam Brown is also the co-founder of Mail-Right, a video expert, and does Facebook advertisements on the website and in design development.

Short-form video content

Short Form Videos are 10-15-second vertical videos that can be utilized on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube shorts. These short videos effectively draw viewers to your post and engage with you. If you can keep your videos to 7-15 seconds, that’s an excellent mark to set as a goal. Short-form content is also suitable for any real estate agent because it doesn’t require you to be on camera; instead, you can let the images speak for themselves. There are several categories you can incorporate into your short-form videos. 

  • Inspirational quote. 
  • Testimonials are also great and compelling content, with a voice overhead reading the text simultaneously.
  • Brief property walkthroughs. If the walkthrough is longer, you can cut the video using AI. The walkthrough doesn’t have to be a home for which you’re the agent. It can be homes that your breakage is happy for you to show, or it can be quick videos of the outside homes on the market. 

One thing to remember when creating short-form videos is to include captions. Some of your viewers might be deaf, and captions help them see what you are discussing. If somebody is on the video speaking, they can see your words coming out. It also reaches more people when algorithms pick up on it. You’re getting keywords that those algorithms can read on the screen, which is good for SEO. 

Business Spotlights

This type of video uses interviews of locals in your community, may it be business owners or if you spotlight restaurants, services, anything around the property, or any popular business. Business spotlights are an excellent way to build your brand and community connections.

If you say you will edit a video and you can give them the video for cross-promotion, most business owners will say no, but the majority will be delighted. This will also allow you to build relationships with business owners, promoting cooperation and trust that will benefit both of you.

Furthermore, because business spotlight videos are hyperlocal, you can put keywords on them and use them on your website, Facebook, YouTube, or Google Business Profile. 

Lastly, one mistake you should avoid when creating business spotlight videos that many people make is using bad audio, which ruins the video. 

Monthly or Quarterly Market Update Videos

Your monthly or quarterly market update videos are linked to your email. Mixing the video with your newsletter and sending it out will increase your engagement.

You don’t have to use and pay for tools. You can just take a screenshot of a video that you’ve uploaded to YouTube, write an introduction, and provide a link where they can watch the video to get more engagement. You can also use clips from the video and post them on your social media, write any highlights or key things you have said, and reuse that on other platforms to start reaching more people. 

Doing it weekly is better but might be hard for most. So you have to set goals. Otherwise, the video will not be good, and you will give up and do nothing. Regardless of how frequently you do it, the important thing is that it has to be good content or a monthly market update.

Many agents create these videos, but the content is basic and dull. You must put yourself into the listener’s or viewer’s shoes and make the video interesting. Make sure the information is resourceful but entertaining. If the video is too long, ask yourself how many people will have 30 minutes to watch it.

Promote a Listing of the Week Video

This can also be a part of your newsletter. Walkthroughs are a great example of content that people love to consume.

Focus on things that may stand out. For instance, if it’s a room without furniture, don’t spend longer minutes in there. Proceed if there’s a nice, new bathroom or if the kitchen is updated, or the backyard, or if there’s something like a fountain, pool, or anything with a bit more wow factor that’s more fun and will make people watch or start watching because of what you’re showing, that’s where you should focus more of your time.

The first two, three, or four times might be challenging, but try to plan and do it once a week. Keep at it; don’t stop after the first few weeks; you’ll see results.

Educational Videos

Many people don’t know the basics of processes when buying or selling a home, making it an excellent content to create. It doesn’t have to be high-level. You can go through the basic process of how to get a mortgage and other things. What is it like getting a mortgage? How to deal with HIE or home owner’s association (HOA). 

You can also tap evergreen videos about the actual area- city, town, region- where you’re doing business. For example, you want to share about different parks and neighborhoods. You don’t need access inside anyone’s house, but you can show homes in the area as you navigate the neighborhood to show the parks. Maybe there’s a beautiful canyon next to the park where people like to walk, ride bikes, or do Frisbee golf. Granted, those aren’t necessarily educational, except if you educate them on all the different parks near you. So, think of it that way as far as these educational videos go.

They’re great for writing written content and placing it on your website. Once set up correctly, they can get results over a year or two with a bit of updating, but not too much.