Episode 416: Best Real Estate Facebook Ads For 2024

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On the 416th episode of the MailRight show, Robert Newnan and Jonathan Denwood discussed creating Facebook ads and provided great tips and tricks strategies, audience segmentation, and proven conversion tactics that will level up realtors’ real estate marketing games. Robert Newnan is the founder of InboundREM, the only inbound marketing-focused real estate company in the United States. Meanwhile, Jonathan Denwood is the joint founder of MailRight, a marketing platform that does Facebook adverts and campaigns and provides a landing page, email marketing, text marketing, and text messaging all in one platform.

AI is not a replacement for human effort. It is simply a way to get a result faster or improve quality, and there are some very rare cases where it can help you write content. You can start off with an idea and then have AI enhance it, finish it, reread it, add your contributions, and then publish it, which ultimately will save you maybe 30 or 40% of your time. Do not consider AI a complete and total replacement for all your time.

Facebook struggled about a year and a half ago, just before COVID-19 hit. During COVID, they faced some challenges, especially with their paid advertisements. One big problem was their disagreement with Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook. Apple decided to limit Facebook’s access to specific data through iOS, which made Facebook’s ads less effective. Many people complained about this on podcasts, blogs, and YouTube. Some of these complaints were true. Meanwhile, Facebook, now Meta, was focusing more on virtual reality, which cost a lot of money. Some said they were ignoring their advertising, which was their primary money maker.

However, things have turned around. Mark Zuckerberg is a practical person and could see they were in trouble. With their huge resources and technological progress, they invested heavily in AI. AI has improved its advertising platform even better than before Apple’s actions. Now, reports from various industries and advertising experts say that Facebook ads are becoming quite effective again.

Facebook Lead Advertisement

The most effective advertisement of a property you’re selling for a client is to provide just enough info to get people interested, but not so much that they don’t need to click for more. You can use a landing page where they can leave their name and email for more information or a Facebook form so they stay on the platform. Don’t give too much or too little info, or people won’t engage. Adding a quick video of the property can boost engagement, although it’s a bit harder to do. But it’s worth it since videos are popular on Facebook.

Furthermore, investing in video platforms is a big deal. In 2024, everyone’s still really into video. 80% of what people watch online is videos, and it will likely be 90% soon. That means there’s still room for the video market to grow. Right now, platforms are competing to get your videos. And since platforms let you post videos for free, you should take advantage of it, especially if you’re already making videos.

You can learn about making good ads from YouTubers like John Denwood and Travis Tom. Creating good ads can really boost your content’s response. You can even use AI to help you improve your videos, like adding intros and endings. Another thing to consider is making Facebook ads with custom lists. This means targeting specific groups of people with your ads. It’s an excellent strategy to get your content to the right audience.

Find Your Niche

When you are still starting, you need to be a generalist, covering a wide range of things. But it’s good to focus on something specific after a while, maybe a couple of years. This is especially important in busy areas where many other businesses compete. Finding a niche, like a particular market or type of customer, is key. Once you find your niche, there will be subcategories within it. These are specific types of customers or needs. Advertising directly to these subcategories can be very effective.

Custom List of Homes

There’s a top real estate website in the country is run by a content marketer and stands out for its organic approach. It does two things well: telling interesting stories and effectively using customer stories in ads.

When it comes to attracting different audiences online, telling stories is key. For instance, mentioning famous people who lived in a house or had a connection to it, like a CEO or someone notable, can generate interest. Sharing pictures of these homes and describing them in a way that makes people imagine living there helps connect emotionally.

For homes priced at $300,000 or less, it’s about making families the heroes of the ads. You show the home and then a family and talk about their journey and achievements, like raising children who attended university. This creates an emotional connection, even for what might seem like an average family and home.

Another compelling angle is catering to baby boomers moving to bigger or smaller homes. This could mean moving to a custom home after living in a standard one for years.

Create Retargeting and Lookalike Audiences

Retargeting is when you show ads to people who already visited your website or engaged with your brand. This is important because many people use Facebook more than email. So, by showing ads to these people, you bring them back to your website. This boosts user engagement, which is good for SEO, meaning your website will appear higher in search results. You’re getting the people who are most interested in your content to come back and look at it again. They’re more likely to engage with your website than new people. This helps you rank better in search engines. When you retarget, you do it on every platform like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

For example, every time someone uses Mailright for a campaign, they suggest that those who sign up should receive 30 days of emails and texts. After the campaign, they should get a monthly newsletter. The same goes for retargeting. If you have these contacts in your CRM, you can download their names and emails and put them on Facebook. If their email matches the one they used for Facebook, they’ll be retargeted. Facebook ads can be cheaper than Google’s, but some say the quality is lower. They think Facebook and Google ads reach people at different stages of buying. Google is usually for later stages, while Facebook might catch people earlier. So, the costs differ. To make it worthwhile, you need retargeting or a system to keep in touch since some might buy later while others need nurturing. That’s where retargeting comes in. Another good thing about Facebook is that you can target people who are similar to your successful ones. Because of Facebook’s AI, this feature has improved a lot. That’s why having a CRM like Mailright is crucial if you regularly use Facebook ads.

Retargeting is a very friendly way to get in front of a lot of people who already know who you are, promote content, and do ads on Facebook. Do a lot of different types of really creative and very cool marketing, especially when you’re trying to do low-push strategies where you’re trying to attract people into something. Then, you can just display without trying to move people around. So your name is in front of them belongs here to five effect brand recognition at a reasonable cost.

Retargeting makes sense for those with deeper pockets, larger budgets, great content-based websites, and a strong email campaign.