Im holding up an image that says"Which real estate blog should I read"

The 10 Best Real Estate Blogs of 2018

Top Ten Real Estate Blogs of 2018 That I Read


There are a lot of real estate blogs out there, so how do you know which ones to read? I’ve put together a list of my personal top ten real estate blogs. What gets these blogs on my list? They all have content that resonates with me, actionable information, and large audiences. Most of the blogs on this list also address different niches in the industry—which means I’m not wasting my time reading the same information over and over.

Im holding up an image that says"Which real estate blog should I read"

Wondering which blog you should start with?

Real Estate blogs by category

General Interest – If you’re looking for interesting real estate info for yourself or for social media sharing and audience engagement start with these. 

  • The Geeks Estate Blog 
  • Zillow Porchlight
  • REtipster
  • Housing Wire

Service Reviews – Looking for information regarding real estate marketing companies or services? These blogs will provide anywhere from a little to a lot of information. If these guys haven’t reviewed it you might want to reconsider using the service.

  • Active Rain (Products Section)
  • Fits Small Business
  • InboundREM (Reviews Category)

Real Estate Marketing Education – Need to learn a good way to utilize drone footage for a listing? Idea’s on how to promote yourself? Listing sign up sheets? These sites will have all you need and more.


#1. The Geek Estate Blog
First on my list is the Geek Estate Blog. Why do I love it? Two reasons. First, I relate to the creator, Drew Meyers. He’s a former exec from Zillow–a real estate marketing company for those of you not in the know—that uses his knowledge there to create this excellent blog. Second, his site touches on many different subjects, which leads to unusual posts. If you’re looking to learn real estate info from someone who is coming at it from a slightly different view, is personal and passionate, this is the blog for you.


#2. Fit Small Business
In the last year and half, Fit Small Business has become one of the top websites in the entire world. An entire section of this website is dedicated to real estate. They’re doing real estate marketing content better than almost everyone else and their writers tend to be people that have worked or still work in the industry, so you’re getting current info.


#3. BiggerPockets Blog
BiggerPockets is a great blog by Josh Dorkin that gives you a boots-on-the-ground insight into real estate investing. I don’t spend a lot of time here because I’m not yet doing real estate investing, but I send many people here—and they always tell me what a great resource it is. The website itself has an incredibly deep reservoir of content and many of the posts come from active real estate investors.


#4. ActiveRain
The blogging website for real estate professionals. Of all the blogs on this list, I spend the most time on ActiveRain. The great thing about this site is that its members review real estate products without payment, which means there’s very little reason for people to write reviews unless they want to be doing so. And since it’s real estate professionals doing the reviewing, you get a very clear picture of how these products do–or do not–work. If you’re not already a member, you should sign up for ActiveRain.


#5. REtipster
In terms of Blogging 101, this is one of the better blogs out there. I don’t read this one as much as some of the other blogs, but I like it—it’s a solid blog with a variety of information laid out in an intelligent way. Seth Williams, the founder, has created solid and well-curated content. If you’re reading a couple of other real estate blogs, you may not get anything from this blog but if you aren’t, this is a great place to start.


#6. Placester
No list of real estate blogs is complete without Placester. When it started it was just a blog, but now it’s an actual academy—ebooks, infographics, videos, presentations, you name it, they’ve got it. They do a great job on SEO, with lots of traffic driven to this site the way it should be: by the usefulness of the actual content on the site. If you’re new and in real estate, this is your number one blog to get started. It will give you lots of ideas for marketing yourself for next to no money. For a deeper review, you can check out this post by yours truly.


#7. Zillow Porchlight
This is killing me a little bit but, yes, Zillow’s blog, Porchlight. But here’s the thing: I keep finding myself on their blog. They keep posting blogs about celebrity homes and bizarre homes, which I can’t keep myself away from. They’ll also post quirky real estate stories, things that are easy to share on social media when you’re looking for something to post. As much as I hate to say it, it you’re looking for engaging real estate content, this is a decent place to start.


#8. Housing Wire – Real Estate
I find myself coming to this blog reasonably often. It focuses mainly on real estate trends, a topic that doesn’t get a lot of coverage on most other blogs. This means that you’ll find articles on various trends in mortgages, housing, buyer demographics, and whatever else catches their writers’ fancy. The curator is doing an amazing job and providing loads of useful content.


#9. Easy Agent Pro
There’s so much content here, mostly for people new to real estate. As a starting point, Placester is better organized, but EAP is way more creative and passionate, especially in their videos. They’re willing to try unusual things, like successfully using Youtube for real estate marketing. I read their blog a lot and love their unique approach to the industry. Check out my review for more details.


#10. inboundREM
Of course! This is so shameless, but I have to plug my own blog, inboundREM. What makes this blog different than the others on this list is that I’ve worked with a lot of the companies that I write about, so I have a deeper understanding of them. I also do well-researched product reviews—using a product for at least three months before going ahead with a review. Because of my high user engagement and needs, I’m creating a wider range of content than many blogs out there. I try to produce things that you’ve never seen, that are done well. Definitely, a great blog to check out and, hey, you’re already here! Look around.


I talk a little bit more about the real estate blogs on this list and my history with them.


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