30 Things to do in Your First Month as a Real Estate Agent Part 2

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30 Things to do in Your First Month as a Real Estate Agent Part 2

The previous episode tackled the first 15 items in the list of the article entitled, “30 Things to do in Your First Month as a Real Estate Agent.” This episode will continue the discussion on the remaining tips that this article suggests to help the new real estate agents as they start in this industry.

Attend Agent Caravans

Top agents in the real estate industry don’t miss these listing caravans. It is where agents from your brokerage and other brokerages look for listings that are hitting the market. Top agents also have enough knowledge about these listings. If you have the details on lock, it increases your chances of making a sale and qualifies you as a real estate expert.

Learn Everything You Can

This next section tackles the steps that a new real estate agent should do initially. The first step is to go to your local MLS. Take at least one class with your local MLS. Learn as much information about your locality as you can, treat it as a personal homework for the business. Listen to the stories of top real estate agents. This tip is what this podcast is all about. Several top agents in the real estate industry could share various hacks to generate more leads. There are some real geeks on YouTube.

The next tip is to review real estate contracts and practice writing contracts for single-family homes and condominiums. If you can do some groundwork for a busy agent, you can also do the paperwork for them. Last two tips for this section are to attend any agent orientations and finding a mentor. Finding a mentor and buying a coach are two different things. A mentor differs from a coach since it is somebody who has expertise in the real estate, but you can exchange your ideas to improve them as well.

Draft a business plan

Another section is about creating a plan for the future. First on the list is to draft a business plan. Walking into a business without a digital marketing plan is walking towards a dead end. You need to have a marketing strategy for your real estate business. The question is, “How you are going to market yourself?” When making a plan, you need to decide and do the research to which social platforms are you going to utilize.

Outline Your Goals for each Week

Goals are essential for your business and should be reviewed every single week consistently. Note-taking is about having a strong vision for your business. You need to focus on each task available to you. Attach a lot of emotional importance to these goals and treat it as done. It is surprising how your subconscious mind will maneuver your actions to get these goals accomplished.

Bonus Content: Building Better Agents

One can notice that this article entitled, “30 Things to do in Your First Month as a Real Estate Agent,” is written by a broker from eXp Realty. The seven last tips are about being an agent at eXp Realty, which says that they are fantastic. The list suggests to use Kunversion or KVCore as a CRM, but it might be challenging to use compared to others. To wrap up these seven items, as a starter, you should start your digital marketing plan. You should accomplish it when you decide to be an agent, or even before getting your license. You should be prepared by setting up different social media profiles, and you Google My Business page. Creating content with videos would also be helpful.