Effective Way to Build your Network

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How to use and build your community online by using LinkedIn? And How effective it is to use? Today’s guest will tell us more about it.

John Memo is one of the LinkedIn Expert, one of the best author, speaker, coach and consultant who founded the LinkedInRiches website who help a lot of business owners find Leads and boost their brand and revenue. He founded https://linkedinriches.com/ and started helping business owner year 2012.

In this discussion, we will tell you how to get more leads in LinkedIn? What are the strategies and new with the platform?

Are they really relevant in lead generation and you think it will grow more and become more user-friendly?

LinkedIn will be a one-stop shop for job hunters, prospecting, sales, and business owners. It is free to sign up and it has a lot of improvements for the past few years. They did upgrade the platform and add features to it.

The LinkedIn video, with this feature you can now share original videos on a LinkedIn desktop and mobile app. You can share the listing or product you’re selling to your prospect in a timely manner and you can easily attract people/viewer that are interested in what you’re selling.

The LinkedIn Profinder, which helps you find local freelance professionals.

Well, there’s a lot more to discover in LinkedIn, and that will be discussed in the video below, also our guest John Memo will give us advice and example on how to do it and become expert in LinkedIn like him. And also, will figure out what to target ow what niche we should focus on? So don’t miss this episode.

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