Episode 277: How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit From Videos

Episode Timeline

In the 277th episode of the Mail-Right Show, John and Robert featured Nick Niehaus. He is a trainer and a coach from Biz Video School, an online school that teaches individuals how to utilize the advantage of adequately advertising their business in 2021. The podcast revolved around the different tips, tricks, and hacks on how to take over the digital world with what one currently has.

Nick has a company that used to be called Connect Marketing. As time passed, they changed it to Connect Video because they became so invested in using videos as their primary marketing method. Because of this shift, he and his team have been working with real estate brokers for the last five years. They were able to help hundreds of agents who struggled in using videos as their primary marketing scheme. 

The Issue

What’s good about Nick’s approach is that even though most real estate agents don’t know how to film, Connect Video guides them. They even have a company studio that several brokers used for their debut in the video marketing world. These video advertisements typically do so well, as most agents get their ROI (Return of Investment) on day one. 

But the main issue is that they stop utilizing videos for their teams. This issue stems from the fact that the agents don’t have any idea how to do it on their own more often than not. They weren’t equipped with how to film, edit, add music, and other technical processes that they need to utilize video showcases and interviews as one of their marketing strategies.

The Solution

Nick and his team thought about the issue long and hard and in 2019. They started to host a pilot program called Business Video School. At first, they weren’t going to make such a big deal out of it, but then the pandemic occurred, so their initial company, Connect Video, temporarily stopped because they weren’t able to meet up and shoot videos. Because of this, they decided to launch Business Video School as a separate entity. This program teaches real estate agents about the technical stuff they need to know to start producing their videos.

Tips on How to Start Taking Videos

Nick emphasizes that the first step in mastering the art of videography is to start extremely simple. He recalls that the beginning is where most people get it wrong because they immediately assume that the process would be complicated. Formal learning is steady; it takes patience and a lot of practice. The first video won’t be as good as your second, and your second won’t be as good as your third. It is a continuous learning process, so don’t try to imitate a video made by someone who has been editing for quite some time. 

As the conversation delved deeper, Nick emphasized that the very first thing that a real estate agent needs to identify is “what is the first thing I need to learn how to do?” and from there, they will continuously be eager to know more about the process. To start as simply as possible, he advises agents to start by recording a selfie video. Hold the phone upfront and start recording. Ensure that the quality of your video and audio are great because people are more susceptible to scrolling past a poor-quality video. It could be as simple as using headphones or an entry-level lapel microphone.

Additional Tips

Another tip from Robert is that getting used to seeing yourself in the footage, be it a five-minute clip or practicing in front of a mirror, will help you become more comfortable speaking in front of a camera. The more you get used to doing it, the more natural the videos will appear. You can also ask your family members and close friends to critique your footage and ask them to be as honest as possible. To improve, you need to know your weaknesses. 

And while taking a clip, Nick also said that it should not be too scripted. Yes, it is essential to have a flow of the entire video, but as much as possible, don’t memorize everything. A video will seem more inviting if the real estate agent does not speak monotonously and talk as if the script has been embedded in their head. By having a more free-flowing conversation with the camera, your audience will feel as if you know all this information by heart, which will make them trust you more. To do this, a teleprompter is an excellent tool so that the real estate agent can just read it. But if you are trying to be more comfortable in front of the camera, you could start talking and guide the camera’s movement throughout the video.