Episode 314: The Bomb-Bomb Method To Generate More Listings in 2022

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Episode 314: The Bomb-Bomb Method To Generate More Listings in 2022

Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman invited Jimmy Burgess, an experienced realtor, for the 314th episode of the Mail Right Show. Jimmy has extensive 27 years of experience as an agent, company owner, and team leader before shifting into the Chief Growth Officer of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Northwest Florida. Since taking over his role in the organization, it has seen an increase in annual sales volume from just under $700M to over $2B. Their agent count had also grown from around 70 agents to over 250 agents, all from organic growth and no company acquisitions. Now, he’s in the show to talk about how realtors can generate listings using BombBomb Video in 2022.

How Can Agents Increase Listings in 2022?

As home values have increased this year, so has the opportunity for many homeowners to work from home or anywhere they want. These options have caused many homeowners who had planned to stay in their current houses for ten or more years to reconsider their options. And, now is the best opportunity to provide homeowners with an updated comparative market analysis (CMA) of their property. The traditional method of delivering the homeowner a printed copy of the CMA is now obsolete. Right now, a 5 to 10-minute screen recording and sending it to the homeowner every day with an explanation of the updated valuation is a game-changing breakthrough.

To begin, you must understand that these CMAs will explicitly target three groups:

  1. People who said they wanted to sell in the next year or two
  2. People who reside in a home you sold them in the past
  3. Homeowners in your neighborhood whom you’ve met through marketing

Before you start recording, you’ll need to open the following tools in our browser:

  • Google Earth
  • CMA Data
  • Estimated Sellers Net

Google Maps
Begin with Google Earth and enter the owner’s address in the search field. As soon as you begin recording, click to search, and the map will zoom directly to the owner’s home from space.

This strategy is unique and will attract many people’s attention. It also seems high-tech, which will compel sellers to keep watching.

Now, you’ll use the CMA tab to show the owner how you arrived at their home’s value using data from three to four similar active, pending, and sold homes. You can focus on the best comparable homes to the owners and provide the homeowner with an estimated value range.

Net Sheet for Sellers
Then, you’ll display an estimated seller net sheet, which can be as essential as a Word document and include the expected selling price, average seller closing expenses in your area, and estimated net proceeds excluding any mortgage payback or prorations.

Informing homeowners about the anticipated net value of their home might help them ultimately see the benefits of selling.

Making Use of BombBomb When Sending Out Your Videos

Many tools allow for screen recording, but BombBomb is one of the finest realtors. BombBomb is a video email marketing solution that helps you use video to build relationships with customers. You may send video to your contacts by email, SMS, or social media, allowing you to engage with anyone, everywhere. It’s more intriguing because it makes a video GIF that you can embed in an email. When users read the email, they will see a small preview of Google Earth zooming into their home, making them want to click play to see more. BombBomb charges a fee, but with these CMAs, it quickly pays back. Your image will be in the corner of the screen throughout the video, guiding them through the information. Having the homeowners see you on the screen while discussing the details helps build rapport and establishes you as a real estate resource.

Another benefit of using BombBomb for this video is that it tells the sender when someone clicks on the video, whether it is two months or two years after the original email. So, if you haven’t heard from the individual in a long time but they later watch the video, you’ll know they’re curious about their home’s current value. You can then get in touch with them to see whether they’d be interested in selling.

In conclusion, nothing will keep you top-of-mind more than distributing video CMAs to your database every six months.