EPISODE 324: Digital Trends and Tips for Real Estate Marketing in 2022

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EPISODE 324: Digital Trends and Tips for Real Estate Marketing in 2022

Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman explore the digital marketing strategies that will work in 2022 on the 324th edition of Mail Right Show. Founder and CEO of the inbound marketing firm Inbound REM, Robert Newman, has been in the real estate SEO industry for over a decade. On the other hand, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail Right, a platform that combines a range of digital tools into a streamlined, user-friendly package. The episode highlights the most effective digital marketing tools and methods real estate agents and brokers may use in 2022 to promote their businesses and generate high-quality leads.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing reaches your target audience to get more leads and sales. An excellent digital marketing plan ensures that realtors can generate leads, build a credible database that knows and trusts them, and eventually increase sales through concentrated efforts and follow-up techniques. To stand out from your competitors, you must learn to use real estate digital marketing well because most people start looking for homes online first.

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing Tools for 2022

Different real estate website design companies excel in unique ways. Agents and brokers have significantly different needs for consumer targeting and selecting the correct digital marketing solutions to help their business develop enormously. While staying within your budget is critical, making the best choice begins with matching your objectives with the appropriate services and skills.

BoomTown – Boomtown makes many references to SEO and can use it. However, they primarily target lower-value keywords and support them with highly functional content pages that are not particularly deep or fascinating.

InboundREM – Among the most outstanding real estate marketing businesses, InboundREM is the only SEO + ownership-focused service. It was built on the same technologies as Placester, Boom Town, and Agent Image in website design and content management systems. InboundREM has incredible features that are ideal for all of your demands. InboundREM takes advantage of IDX Broker to conduct searches and generate leads. It creates informative pages for your website that include charts, graphs, and in-depth information about your target market’s area of interest. After 18 months, this information is owned by the client. It can set up and manage Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts, and it is a fully managed solution. If you’re a team or brokerage, you’ll need to learn how to use Follow Up Boss, but other than that, there’s nothing else to learn. Most importantly, you own the website with a custom option and design feature template comparable to Agent Image or Real Estate Webmasters.

Sierra interactive – Sierra Interactive is a search-based lead generation website.

Real Estate Webmasters – REW has always concentrated on lead generation, but its new focus is on creating branded websites. As a result, it may not be the best option for real estate agents and brokers looking to generate long-term leads.

Ylopo – Ylopo is a blend of Facebook marketing, IDX search, AI chatbots, and integrated backend services, all aimed at capturing and nurturing real estate buyers and sellers. Ylopo is ideal for tech-savvy agents or rising stars in their second to fourth years of real estate. It is also an excellent tool for small and mid-sized teams interested in leveraging the power of social marketing and grooming and training teams of newer real estate professionals. Ylopo delivers on its promise of generating real estate leads by providing one of, if not the lowest, cost of acquisition services in the whole real estate marketing sector.

Reel Geeks – Reel Geeks is a website, customer relationship management system, and lead generating tool. It provides you with the resources necessary to drive buyers and sellers down the funnel at each stage rather than waiting for prospects to convert to leads, leads to clients, and clients to seal deals.

Digital Marketing Tips for 2022

1) Establish a robust social media presence

A cohesive and engaging social media presence is necessary for your real estate digital marketing plan. They will form mental associations with your brand. It is vital to prioritize providing value to prospective clients over constantly advertising your services on social media.

2) Create an SEO-optimized website

A website or blog built to communicate with search engines like Google is a critical component of a real estate empire. Avoid purchasing another standard real estate website equipped with an IDX search capability.

3) Creating Personalized Video

Personalization is a must-have in digital marketing. When everyone is vying for the same audience’s attention, personalizing your social media communications will become even more critical. You may use social media tools to automate the posting process, allowing you to concentrate on more tailored campaigns. Newer technology will continue to improve the personalization and relevance of content, and firms that fail to adapt will inevitably be left behind.

4) Content marketing

The foundation of a responsive real estate website is content marketing. Without meaningful content, a mobile-optimized, highly responsive website is a complete waste of time. The most significant way to get your website indexed is through content marketing, an important SEO aspect. Website content enables you to establish credibility, establish a reputation, and connect with your audience. Create articles, guidelines, and reviews that will assist people in making educated home purchasing selections.