Episode 354: Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies in 2022

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For the 354th episode of the Mail Right Show, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman summarized which businesses are the best at generating real estate leads for the years 2022 and the first quarter of 2023. Robert Newman is the founder of Inbound REM, an inbound marketing agency, and a real estate SEO specialist with over 14 years of experience. On the other hand, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail Right, a company that builds beautiful websites on WordPress and provides a suite of digital tools in a single, simple-to-use package.

There are many lead generation companies; however, there is no such thing as the ‘one ideal option’ for a company, agent, or broker. Each lead generation system delivers robust results, but you should consider what fits best according to your marketing fundamentals. This episode provides an in-depth review of the best real estate lead generation companies divided into different categories.

Team or Mass Lead Generation

Suppose you are generating over 100 leads per month; if 100 leads are the set bar, the chances are they are low quality. Because if you had ten really good leads every month, you’d be doing two or three transactions since most of the best real estate agents in the world rarely do over ten transactions per month, so they would rarely have 100 qualified leads every single month. However, if 100 leads are the set bar, what lead generation systems could generate those kinds of leads with enough of a PPC(pay-per-click) budget with a good website? Here are the best companies you can consider classified into different categories.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Category:

  1. Sierra Interactive. Tracks many low-quality leads, hands them off to salespeople and then tracks those salespeople as they call those leads.
  2. Mail Right. The Mailright system is less clean and smoother than other platforms, but it pays much more attention to your account. When you go to a smaller provider who’s newer into a real estate marketing company, Mailright pays much attention to each client and the results. It’s all happening at the personal level; you have the company’s founder’s attention.

Website Category

  1. Sierra Interactive and Real Estate Webmasters are also suitable for a much larger brokerage team scenario looking for a platform with the ability to have a custom website.
  2. InboundRem. It allows you to own the website, and you can move your content that drives traffic anywhere you like, unlike other platforms where if you stop paying, you will lose the content once you want to move it anywhere or you want to leave them.

Small Budget Category

Say that you’re a single agent with a low budget; you can look for an entry-level system lower than all the other systems, but the tools are good and designed for a single agent. Here are the systems that can give you a good bang for your buck.

  1. Bold Leads. The platform provides good offerings. Bold Leads is not the best platform for generating real estate leads as it does not offer a website, but they’re worth a try, especially for new realtors looking for a small-budget system.
  2. Real Geeks. As a package, although it has weaknesses, real geeks have one of the affordable with more robust offerings.

Long-Term ROI Category

It can be defined as how realtors market through content, such as educating clients through a series of pre-formatted emails.

  1. Inbound Rem has a high long-term ROI. Over the five years of running, Inbound Rem tells its clients what they need to do on hyperlocal, and youtube to market and has already got people at 20 and 30 to 1 that far exceeding the ROI of any other system.
  2. Sierra Interactive – When discussing possibilities like long-term content marketing, Sierra Interactive has two of the most popular content marketing websites for real estate. Sierra interactive has been used and used well for long-term ROI.
  3. Real Estate Webmasters. It has the same capabilities as the systems mentioned above but has unfriendly leadership that affects clients negatively.

PPC(Pay-Per-Click) Category and Facebook Marketing

There are also many other ways to get into lead generation systems, such as those leaning on Facebook. Recently, Facebook is also no longer allowing special ad groups, which is fine since there’s a way around it. Still, if you hired someone who’s an expert in leveraging Facebook, you are in good hands in using Facebook as a lead generation tool. However, for anybody else, Facebook is becoming a more complicated place to get into and learn and make a profit; plus, we’re not in a great real estate market for direct advertising.

Ylopo, RealGeeks, KvCore, BoomTown, and CINC were built and designed for PPC for doing searches that relate to Google’s highly specified keywords that drop you into a landing page that has listings on it. These systems have started using PPC but have now moved to Facebook.

Suppose you are running around looking for the newest, latest best real estate lead generation system. In that case, you should be thinking about the newest best answer to questions and concerns that are happening inside this marketplace that you can give your clients if you happen to find a platform that’s pivoting well and providing some of those answers for you that’s the platform for you.