Episode 367: Redefining Digital Lead Generation Goals in 2023

Episode Timeline

For the 367th episode of the Mail Right Show, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman talked about redefining digital lead generation goals and expectations for 2023. Robert Newman is a highly experienced SEO consultant and the CEO of the marketing firm Inbound REM. Meanwhile, Jonathan Denwood founded Mail Right, an online platform where they create websites on WordPress. It has many useful digital tools, such as basic CRM, IDX integration, and other user-friendly features for clients.

Reexamine Your Relationship with Your Lead Provider

One way to spike lead generation effectiveness is to ensure you get the maximum value out of the money you spend on it. You can do this by reexamining your relationship with your lead provider. If you renew your contract with them, ensure that you maintain and increase the value of your current lead generation by getting access to all your existing leads—those who use Follow Up Boss, kvCORE, and LionDesk.

Negotiating with your Lead Provider with new terms in your contract, like getting access to your existing leads, is a way to step up your game in lead generation.

Reexamine Your Math

If you plan to increase your goal expectations, you must look at your numbers first. You need to ensure that the margin between your spending on leads and what you expect to make align.

By doing the math, you may assess whether you can or cannot afford to spend more on lead generation because it will surely show in your ROI.

Focus on Long-term Strategies

Focusing on long-term strategies that have higher ROI is what you should be doing. Long-term is about giving 100% of the information. You can provide detailed and comprehensive answers to your potential client’s questions on your website, your Facebook page, or whatever platform you use.

Follow UP Boss

Follow Up Boss is a leading CRM for high-growth real estate businesses. They make real estate lead conversion and sales follow-up more effective and automated, allowing our clients to make more transactions and develop their businesses in an organized manner. Follow Up Boss enables agents to provide a customer experience at the pace and volume required by today’s real estate enterprises.

Follow Up Boss is an impressive company that does a really good job in real estate. Their tools are easier to use compared to other companies.

Integrating Follow-Up Boss with a WordPress Website

Integrating Follow Up Boss with a WordPress website is simple. All you have to do is to insert a pixel. You may also hire someone to do the job for you.


kvCORE is an AI-powered CRM system with lead automation options. It increases productivity by allowing users to create and organize workflows and schedule reminders. It even shows real estate brokers when and which properties potential leads are looking at, allowing them to develop innovative text and drip campaigns.

The good thing about kvCORE is it is an easy platform to use. They offer training on how to use their system effectively. Unlike other CRMs, kvCORE will make anyone successful using their system through various video training tutorials.