Episode 374: Reviewing the New Features of KV Core from 2022-2023

Episode Timeline

For the 374th episode of Mail Right Show, Jonathan Denwood, and Robert Newman explore and review the new features of KV Core announced in 2022-2023. Robert Newman is the CEO of Inbound REM, an inbound marketing firm, and has worked in the real estate SEO field over the last decade. On the other hand, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail Right, a platform combining various digital tools into one convenient, user-friendly package.

Before delving into the recent update of KV Core, it is vital to understand how major real estate prop-tech companies typically release updates. Note that most of these systems have not undergone significant updates for a considerable period, usually five to seven years. In the case of KV Core, the last major set of updates that brought fundamental changes to their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform took place in 2016. Since then, subsequent updates have mainly consisted of what they call “hot fixes.” Although these fixes have been presented as product news on their website, they did not introduce substantial updates to the product. Instead, they focused on refining the existing system and addressing specific requests from prominent customers and large teams, making minor enhancements to certain functionalities.

New Updates of KV Core

1. Sold Listing Carousels

KV Core is one of the least customizable solutions in the marketplace. You might wonder why they’re so popular. It’s because they manage to do it cheaply and efficiently, which real estate agents love more than enough to give up customization, uniqueness, and things like that. One of KV Core’s recent updates now is they allow sold listing carousels to be leveraged on the homepage. Social proof has been how you generate more results for a long time.

KV Core’s featured area effectively showcases their local expertise while capitalizing on how consumers search today, incorporating automated community-centric highlights. The trick here is automated. If you belong to a team of 50 real estate agents and your broker gives you a KV Core site, the automated data displayed on your website will be the same on every KV Core website, and thus it’s repetitive. This prevents your site from ranking well in SEO and devalues your information or brand. In today’s information age, being informative and unique is a brand.

2. Compliance For Texting

KV Core also leads the pack by being the first to insist on compliant text messaging options within their platform. They have taken proactive steps to regulate the unrestricted and unsupervised sending of text messages from KV Core. The way they scale down the feature rather than up is a master class in effective marketing because the new opt-in features at different customer touchpoints emphasize their dedication to helping users maintain marketing compliance. The worry-free texting allows users to leverage KV Core’s direct messaging features without concerns, as the company acknowledges that some clients have been abusing text message marketing.

3. The Map Widget

KV Core’s other new upgrade is the map widget. KV Core has gone ahead and updated into Polygon searches, where you can draw a map. With the latest update, users can utilize Polygon searches to draw custom maps. The previous KV Core map system was standard despite their resources, leaving users wondering why they weren’t doing a better job. In contrast, the new map experience is sleek and visually appealing.

4. Printing Your List Pages Digitally

Another thing they did is the print system where you can digitally print your listing pages out of a printer at your local location, take those printed flyers to listings, and then hand those out.

5. Core Social

The new Core Social from KV Core recognizes the importance of social media as a strategy. They have made a significant move by providing free access to a content library for agents to share. This effectively engages their user base into something that most brands are trying to produce incredible content so that you will share it.

6. Pre Templated Content

KV Core is an excellent platform for new real estate agents working for other big teams. It is advisable to avoid becoming an expert social media person or an extra digital marketer in your first year unless they possess a relevant background, a genuine interest, or a driving passion. Instead, focus on acquiring knowledge about the real estate industry and effectively use their KV Core account, utilizing the auto-post button. By leveraging the tool provided by the platform, agents can streamline their tasks. Agents can develop their opinions about posting content and see how their friends, family, or audience responds. If you were to contact KV Core or any other company that does social media-suggested content, their clients have used it and, in some cases, gotten a response and made money.

When establishing your footprint, It has to be your authentic voice in most of your messaging, even if you’re going to use templated content, alter it and put your voice into it. Make sure that people understand that you have something to say about it. If you’re doing a meme, there is nothing wrong with posting somebody else’s meme, but at least take the time to post a sentence or two about it with a hashtag.

7. AMP Stats

KV Core also announced something called Amp Stats, which plays into KV Core’s mass popularity, and many eXp brokers use them. It allows agents to vet candidates faster, checks their past production as part of the platform, and check their income, which is going to tell you if they’ve been doing splits, not just the number of transactions they did, but how well they are doing double sides; all of that allows you to choose a broker about whether or not you’re going to select this candidate, assuming it works correctly and does what it’s supposed to do.

What Makes KV Core Different?

What sets KV Core apart from its competitors is the high-level entrepreneurial-minded content producers producing teams nationwide for eXp, operating within a multi-level marketing system. This approach is a remarkable revenue driver, making it a significant component of the revenue model, if not the primary one. KV Core do content explaining how to use these eXp-sponsored tools. As a result, KV Core, despite being considered one of the less impressive platforms, is one of the easiest to learn how to use at the highest level because so many great people have done so much great content surrounding it, which makes it more adaptable and profitable than other systems. But it’s not as feature-heavy, fast, or friendly in many ways.